Diamond In The Shade

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Diamond In The Shade

DJ Manly gives us insight into how love can truly be between two people. If you’re looking for a great m/m paranormal loving book check this one out.

There is a vampire destroyer on the loose and he is headed straight for Sebastian. The group frantically scrambles to figure out who it is and when they do Diamond isn’t happy.

Diamond would do anything for his vampire lover Sebastian and vice versa. When they find out that the vampire destroyer is someone he thought he completely drained, Diamond is even more determined to help Sebastian take him down. And on the other hand Sebastian is determined to keep Diamond out of it.

Sebastian doesn’t remember who this person is until one of his group helps him remember with hypnosis, then it turns out it was one of the people he slept with and then drained. Turns out this person was also sent to kill him but never got to do it.

What will happen with this vampire running wild?

Book Blurb for Diamond In The Shade

Paranormal/Contemporary/Molten Silver

Diamond and Shade are together trying to manage their new relationship when suddenly there is a vampire in their city running wild, killing his victims, and carelessly leaving them everywhere. That is strange enough, but what is even stranger is that he seems to be a Destroyer, and he is connected to Shade.

Diamond is aware of the love/hate history Shade has had with Destroyers, and he's none too happy about being confronted by one of Shade's past conquests.

Contains: m/m


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00