Devil Night

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Devil Night

AJ Llewellyn brings back Div and Tem in Devil Night and as usual brings us an amazing story. I always enjoy Mr. Llewellyn’s books because he makes you feel that you are right in the thick of the action, including the sexy action.
Vampire Porn Stars Tem and Divine Thunder are having a Halloween party with all the trimmings. They hope that nothing will happen to spoil the evening. They have also bought a new building and are making their own line of clothing…Thunderwear. They have enlisted the help of a young Japanese woman named Mokomo to help them with silkworms so that they may make silk in the factory instead of having the silk imported. But Tem senses that something is not quite right about the young lady, but chalks it off to her just being weird.
Will there be some upset to the party? Will Tem and Div be able to thwart another evil in their lives?

Book Blurb for Devil Night

Pages: 76

Genre: M/M, Paranormal, Romance, Vampire, Gay

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

Tem and Div's Halloween Vampire bash is in full swing. What curse could be worse? Mysteriously vanishing party guests or...a maniac burning down Waikiki?

It's Halloween in Waikiki. Some call it Devil Night. Tem and Divine Thunder, celebrating their first Halloween together, invite all their family, friends, former gay porn co-stars and their neighbors to trick or treat. Tem's gone berserk hiring caterers from every single island. There's a spook house built on their property especially for the festivities and moonlight pony rides.

Tem's in full-scale party diva mode when something goes horribly wrong. One by one, their guests start disappearing and even Tem's beloved cat, Moontime, is missing. And then they see the fires. From their mountaintop home on Tantalus, they see that Chinatown is on fire...two catastrophes and only one tiara...Tem and Div throw themselves into action, but are they too late?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 5.00