Desperate Tigress

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Desperate Tigress

Shi Po has tried to reach heaven aka immortality, which is the Taoist ideal she has devoted her life to it. But it has been denied to her. Two white barbarian women Joanna Crane and Lydia Smith had found immortality while she had not. When General Kang visits her home looking for a monk who is no longer there he is upset that she has housed him and is under the impression that she kept him prisoner and forced a white woman on him. She knows who this monks son is and reveals this to him, which makes him all the angrier. Her husband Kui Yu is presently not home but has been sent for. General Kang is also highly irritated that Kui Yu is not there to receive him and doesn't arrives quickly after he does. Kui Yu does not even show up before the General leaves. The General and his men leave the home in disarray looking for the Monk and the white woman to ensure he is not there. When he does not find them he advises Shi Po that if he finds other wise she will pay for it. When Kui Yu arrives she explains all to him and that he also had her brother executed because of the feud with his son. Although the General said that he was executed for training rebels of the White Lotus Society. When Kui Yu finds her mediating in front of her suicide tools he talks her out of it. Then their dinner was quiet until Aunt Mei Ting arrives in an uproar because of the arrival of some of Shi Po's girls coming to her aunts house. They came in search of some refuge from the soldiers and now her aunt is upset and in fear that she herself will be arrested. She wants to know exactly why Shi Po was visited by an upset general. She explains to her aunt that she did not have what the General wanted nor does she know where he was. Her aunt tells her there is no need to worry because the monk and the white woman are both gone. But her Aunt thought differently and advises her to leave Shanghai before disaster befalls their family. Her aunt states that the general may very well come and take them in the middle of the night and she would be lucky if she was not killed. Kui Yu escorted Aunt Ting out of their home to the front gate. When he returned he asked Shi Po if she thought there was any danger she said not now that both the monk (the general's son) and the white woman were gone. Kui Yu was not quite sure himself. He tells her he has gold hidden near by. She says they will be fine and that she new exactly what to do. He says for her to handle her "woman's business" and he will take care of his "man business". She had planned to go ahead with her suicide and had chosen his next wife Little Pearl. But before she can execute this plan completely her husband interrupts her and stops her once again saying she was breaking her promise to him. As they lay in the room sleeping much later they are awakened by General Kang's soldiers and are ordered to an audience with General Kang. Her husband is treated as a common thief and she is made to ride in front of a smelly soldier. When they arrived they are separated and Kui Yu is treated as a friend in a way. Kang offers to make Shi Po disappear since she has caused him this problem. He refuses and says that if she has been anything other than a normal wife he will deal with her in his way in time. The general tells him that with all the secrets women have she is able to fake virginity on the wedding night. This upsets Kui Yu and he lashes out saying to release him so he can be free to see and spend time with his wife. Once the General asks Shi Po questions both are locked away in a cell and are not told when they will be let out.

Jade Lee has brought us another stunning addition to her Tigress series. It's as in depth and steamy as the previous ones. Jade Lee has written another definite keeper. I recommend that you purchase the whole Tigress series and settle down for a long weekend of steamy, fun and delicious reading.

Book Blurb for Desperate Tigress

Shi Po has devoted her life to the Taoist ideal: enlightenment through ecstasy, through rigid control of the body and mind. The kiss, the caress, the bite, the scratch-these were the stairs to Immortality. But Heaven has been denied her. Shi Po, 19th-century Shanghai's most famous teacher and abbess, its greatest Tigress, has not been granted entrance into Heaven. And so it is time to die.

One man stands in her way: Tan Kui Yu. His fingers, his lips.his dragon. He swears he and Shi Po will attain Heaven even if he has to pleasure her every day-and night-for the rest of their lives. He has other ideas as well-ideas that have never occurred to the woman who has done it all. Perhaps, he says, it is not just about making love, but about feeling it.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00