Deep in The Woods

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Deep in The Woods

Vampire Babylon, Book 6

Deep in the Woods is the sixth book in the Vampire Babylon series by Chris Marie Green and is just as exciting and action packed as its predecessors. Green always gives you the action you are looking for when you read her books. You are always riveted to your seat page after page. I am looking forward to any other books that she writes.

Vampire Hunter Dawn Madison and her team are getting ready to take down the London Underground. With the Master that they have captured they are hoping that they will get information out of him to be able to make taking it down easy. But this vamp isn’t talking. Even thought they have a blood tie, Claudius is not giving up much information to Costin, information which is vital to helping bring down the underground.

The London Undergrounds band of teenage vampire girls wants to get Claudius back, but for their own twisted reasons and not for the reasons of their other master.

Will Dawn and the team be able to bring this underground down just as easily as they did before or will they have problems arise that even KiKo won’t see coming?

Book Blurb for Deep in The Woods

A brand new novel in the "dark, dramatic, and erotic" Vampire Babylon saga.

With the female master of the London Underground in her hands, stuntwoman-turned­vampire hunter Dawn Madison must fight off her followers, a vicious pack of undead teenage girls who put the vamps Dawn had to deal with in Los Angeles to shame...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2010 5.00