Dark Moon Rising

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Dark Moon Rising

Alexander Christofedes is the sole survivor of his camp from and attack of wolves, when they are in the Alps studying them. Everyone starts asking questions about how he survived and why, and his life gets turned upside down. He starts dreaming about a beautiful woman and having nightmares as well. Not knowing why it bothers him very much, especially when his nightmares turn into reality on the front page news. He figures if he wants answers the will have to go back to where it happened and look for them, and that is what he does. What will he find when he arrives?

Amanda Jayde gives us an amazing story with Dark Moon Rising. The characters are very well written and helping you to feel their emotions which will pull you right into the story. It has action, romance and mystery all rolled into one story, one that is definitely a keeper.

Book Blurb for Dark Moon Rising

Alexander Christofedes has always been fascinated with wolves. So when he is given the opportunity to study the Apennine wolves in the Italian Alps, he seizes the chance. But everything changes when his camp is brutally attacked, leaving him the sole survivor, and turns his life into a living nightmare. Little did he know when he received that mysterious letter promising answers he would be thrust into a centuries-long battle between rival werewolf clans.

Sabine Luna is a seductive contradiction to Alex’s nightmares. The female beta to a secret Benandanti clan, her life and love has always been dedicated to her family and friends. But her allegiance is tested when Alex crashes into her life, and she finds herself drawn to the handsome stranger.

Now, the Dark Moon Clan is being threatened by the very man that conjured them into existence, a dark, dangerous being wholly intent on killing them all. Faced with this menace, Alex must decide between standing unified with Sabine and their clan or turning his back on them and his destiny.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50