Cornered Tigress

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Cornered Tigress

Captain Jonas has a bit of a problem Kui Yu is missing and his shipment is in and Jonas needs to get payment from him. It is not like Kui Yu to ever be late for payment of a shipment or to not show up to the dock for the shipment. When Jonas shows up on the Tans’ doorstep looking for him he finds that Kui Yu has not been home and neither has his wife the only one there is the cook Little Pearl. She informs him that she believes that the Tans’ may have been taken by General Kang. She also lets him know someone else has been there enquiring about Mr. Tan and his accounts. Jonas is not aware of any other person that has been working as a partner with Kui Yu. Jonas decided to help Little Pearl with the household problems she had creditors that were vastly overdue and she was trying to put them off until she could get them some money which she was trying to raise fervently. The creditors did come; it so happens on the same day that Jonas was leaving the Tans’ house again. They attacked Jonas which Little Pearl had no knowledge of until he was hit and landed against him thinking he was dead, at that point she started cursing them and telling her creditors that they were going to bring the white mans ghost to haunt her because they killed him outside her home, and if so she would tell him each one of their names. That is when one of them noticed he was not dead just unconscious, she made them carry him inside so that she could heal him and that none of them could be haunted by a white ghost. The rest of the servants in the Tan household thought him a White Ghost and only wanted to serve not stay by him and let Little Pearl do any of her normal chores but only to let her take care of Jonas. As he was slowly getting back to health she tried to explain to him about his jade dragon and the yang stores being a vital part of his health. Being a Christian man that was just not something he wanted to hear. Being a Tigress she new it would make him stronger and she could not understand why a person didn’t want to take care of themselves in that way. She new that she could tempt him and went up to the room she was caring for him in to do her daily practice for herself in front of him that night as he was sleeping. She new he would awaken and watch her and that would lead to things and hopefully she would be able to teach him. Instead it would lead to something unexpected.
Jade Lee again amazes us with yet again another addition to her Tigress series Little Pearl and Jonas make their story rise to meet the others in great fashion. Each page makes the other each other make the other one pale in comparison. It is a great partner for any Jade Lee collection.

Book Blurb for Cornered Tigress

When the white man arrives, the storm clouds make him appear an ugly baboon growling at the rain. But Little Pearl’s missing master owes him money, and Little Pearl owes the Tans. They had saved her from abject poverty and disgrace, set her feet on the Taoist path. And so, barbarian or not, Captain Jonas Storm is welcome. In the alien depths of his eyes, Little Pearl sees the impossible promise of paradise. Even with the shadows growing in the Empire, Heaven is within reach--and this barbarian could take her there.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 5.00