Chased by You

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Chased by You

Genre(s): Paranormal, Action/Adventure, The Fetish Club, BDSM

Kate Simmons is an FBI profiler and Psychic to help find the world's worst criminals. Her best friends suggest that she takes a much-needed vacation after she helps to capture the stripper strangler in Vegas. Once in Miller's Lake her friend Twila gets her settled into her cabin and lets her know about her neighbors down the hill. The Henderson's are in their seventies and have been giving Twila's husband a run because of their sightings of Bigfoot. He has been investigating but has not seen anything that would definitely say there is one. Twila also lets Kate know that they will not bother her since they are in their seventies and are not going be trudging up the hill to talk to her.

When Twila leaves her to her vacation she falls asleep in the big comfy bed and has a premonition of that the Henderson's are going to be murdered. Worried that something is going to happen and that she may be able to prevent it. She dresses in a hurry and grabs her gun and tries her cell phone only to find she doesn't have a signal. She hurries down the hill to their cabin to find that they have already been murdered and that there is some creature there. She runs back up to here cabin with it following her and she empties the clip of her gun into it and backs right into a man that tells her to get into her cabin now. When they get into her Cabin she realizes it is Robert MacIntosh the man that has seduced her and had stole information off of her laptop. He also hunts supernatural beings such as the Wendigo that she just emptied the clip of her gun into. He apologizes to her for what he did that night and tells her he came there for her and that he came to beg her forgiveness, and tell he loves her. She is hesitant about this, but he shows her he is serious about it. He shows her the other things he has in his bag, and just before dawn the Wendigo does attack.

Michele Bardsley brings us another one of her wonderful stories she never ceases to amaze us. She shows us how love prevails over everything else even over supernatural creature attacks. Even if you are in the buff and in the middle of things you are having wonderful fun with. This one is definitely one for the keeper shelves.

Book Blurb for Chased by You

You can't escape bad memories, lonely nights, or the one who's hunting you.

On the advice of her old high school friend, FBI profiler and psychic Kate Simmons takes a sabbatical from her stressful job and rents a cabin at Miller's Lake. It's off season, so the resort town is mostly empty, with only a few retirees residing nearby. Her plan is to eat junk food, read romance novels, and enjoy the wintry beauty and quiet of the area. And if possible, to finally expunge the memories of the man who made her first submission to a Master beautiful as well as bittersweet.

Robert MacIntosh is a profiler of another kind -- a supernatural hunter who goes after killers that never make the FBI's Most Wanted. Six months ago, he seduced Kate for the wrong reasons. Her sweet submission has haunted his every waking thought -- and so has the idea of sexually dominating her again . and again. Now, he has a second chance to show her that he's not such a bad guy. But first he has to protect her from the Wendigo, a relentless creature that craves human flesh.

Remember, campers: At Miller's Lake, nothing is what it seems.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 5.00