Catch A Mate

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Catch A Mate

Jillian Greene works for Catch A Mate (CAM) her job is too prove that the opposite sex can't be trusted ever. She never gets physical with the targets as a rule her rule. One day her boss Anne hires a Man to test the fidelity of women, which rubs Jillian the wrong way. What rubs her even more the wrong way is that Anne tells her that he will be her partner that evening for her job, to kind of show him the ropes.

Jillian doesn't need a partner especially a Miva (Man Diva) which is what she thinks he is by the way he is presenting himself. Cocky and self-assured and so insulting, and well too much like her; they were just not going to be able to get along. But what Jillian doesn't know is that Marcus her new partner is actually going to be her new boss he has just bought CAM. He doesn't know what has turned her into such a real man-hater but it turns him on and he intends to fix it.

At the same time same time something about him infuriates her and she loves it but doesn't want him to know it but she intends to go to war with him and try to make him leave. They are definitely from two different worlds and something about each other makes them hot for the other one but they refuse to let on about it until the other one admits it. But they both intend to make the other cave as soon as possible, which makes a few of their co-workers go nuts.

Anne lets them know that she has sold the business to Marcus which further drives Jillian to war with Marcus and vice versa. Marcus sets the girls up with guy partners and Jillian up with himself. Things happen during an assignment, that have them all heated up but they still refuse to admit anything. Jillian and Marcus will soon have everyone they know knowing all to well how they feel about each other even if they don't.

Gena Showalter cooks up a steamy and entertaining story with Catch A Mate. Jillian and Marcus are two characters that I won't soon forget. The characters in the story come to life with such Zing and Zeal! It was hard to put the book down. I will be glad to read anything else she writes especially if it is about those two and their friends

Book Blurb for Catch A Mate

Jillian Greene is always getting caught in the act-it's her job! Working at Catch A Mate, Jillian gets paid by suspicious wives to smile, flirt and prove that no man can be trusted around the opposite sex. Her only ground rule? She never gets physical. Until a heart-stoppingly gorgeous male walks in.

Marcus Brody has just been hired as bait to test female fidelity. But the last thing Jillian needs is a partner.especially an infuriating, irresistible man who's got her fantasizing about tearing off his clothes.

Can a savvy modern woman find happiness with the most tempting man she's ever known? Is there such a thing as a totally monogamous male?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.00