Burning Tigress

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Burning Tigress

Charlotte Wicks is a 19th century young English woman helping to run her parents Shanghi household as well as care for her brother. She wants and longs for more but is unsure of what at this time. Her families’ first boy for Ken Jin has been with the family for years helping them with everything including making sure her fathers accounts were in perfect order. Charlotte hears through a grape vine that her friend Joanna had returned home. Upon visiting her home she is informed that Mistress Joanna is in fact not at home and that she is married. She has also left with her husband and the servants do not know where or when she will return. Her father was very upset that she married a Chinaman and went after them. When Charlotte went to leave her friend a note in their childhood hiding place for private notes to each other, she found scrolls lying there, as if Joanna had left them for her to find. Looking at them they had pictures drawn on them. Of men and women, doing different things on them she understood that Joanna had left them for her to find. When Charlotte was getting into the carriage to have Ken Jin drive her home she almost spilled the scrolls completely out of the bag she was carrying them in. She was hoping Ken Jin did not see them but on the way home they were not headed home and asked him where he was taking her. He said the only place he knew of that would Taka white student in secret. Plus he knew the Mistress of the school would be able to answer certain questions he could not. He was still wondering how Charlotte had gotten the scrolls she could have gotten them from Joanna’s room who could have gotten them from the Tigress school. But upon arrival there are few servants left and the school is in disarray from General Kang’s destruction of the school while taking Shi-Po and her husband. Little Pearl was not helpful because of this. On their way home she advises him that she wants to learn what is on the scrolls and that if she doesn’t teach him she will learn it from someone else. They come to an agreement that he will be her only teacher in the arts of the Tigress.

Jade Lee never ceases to amaze us with her vivid Tigress stories. Charlotte and Ken-Jin’s is a perfect addition to the fray. Her characters are always bold and vivacious. This is a great addition to any Jade Lee collection. 

Book Blurb for Burning Tigress

Charlotte Wicks wanted more. Running her parents' Shanghai household and caring for her sick brother was necessary drudgery, but a true 19th-century woman deserved something deeper; her body cried out for it! Through the Taoist method, her friend Joanna Crane had reached Heaven on Earth, become a Tigress, found true bliss. Why should Charlotte be denied the same? She'd seen the scrolls. All she needed was guidance. Her mother would call her wanton. Wicked. She would label Charlotte's curiosity evil, and invoke divine judgment. Certainly the teacher Charlotte desired was fearsome. Glimpses of his body inspired awe: flutters in the stomach and tingling in her core. And with the dark command she saw in his eyes, if she opened this door it might never be closed. The man had a reputation among the females of the city as a ruthless seducer…but also as a bringer of great pleasure. There was only one choice to make.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 5.00