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Mary Wolmack could not be having a worse day she has lost her job, has been car jacked it has rained all over. Two kids playing chicken with the " skinny challenged" lady made her run into the chain link fence so her jacket is torn and then a cab splashed mud all over her. To make things worse when she tried to get into her apartment the key broke off through the whole ordeal she didn't cry until the key broke off. Now the sobs just won't stop they are upsetting her neighbor down the hall who has already yelled at her to be quiet but she just can't get them to stop. But her gorgeous hunk of a neighbor across the hall Matthew Adams wants to come to the rescue or does he want to make fun of her?

It seems like he is interested in her and wants to help her but sometimes you just can't trust things like that. Everything that happened to her was a bit too much and she faints he catches her. She wakes up in his apartment nude in a bath of pink bubbles, with her favorite box of Godiva's chocolates and fizzing champagne. He tells her he washed her completely and has ordered her some dinner at an Italian restaurant. She freaks out just a bit when she notices that he is dressed in nothing but his gold chain with the gem on it, when asked why he says that he was hoping to please her by joining her. He explains to her that he is not from Earth but that he is a prince from another planet called Kratania. He has been sent to find his bride and that she is the only one for him. He also says that women of her stature are honored on his planet. He makes a deal with her that if he proves to her that he is an alien and lets her have the chocolates then she will let him ravish her. He takes her through a portal in his bedroom and she lands on top of his brother in his bedroom on his planet. He makes his brother leave the bedroom and explains a few things more to her about customs and traditions on his planet. He then takes her to the Oracle who gives her the once over to make sure she is the princess for the prince. She is told there is to be a ritual of announcing them to the King and Queen and the court. If any woman challenges her for him there will be a fight between the two. Rona challenged her because she was not from Kratania but from earth and didn't know the customs and traditions.

Michele Bardsley always gives us fascinating tales of different types and this one is no different. She shows us that good-looking men, even if they are from another planet, can love heavy women too. Makes us heavy women love and fanaticize about having a good-looking long thin man on our arm even if we don't already have one, a good-looking one that is. As always Michele does it again and gives us a steamy, sizzling, fun story to read. Just make sure to have a fan with you to help cool you off it is a hot one.

Book Blurb for Bride Portal

Mary Wolmack has lost her job, her dignity, and the key to her apartment. Cursed with being a "fat chick", she can't believe the hunk across the hall is interested in her. When he announces he's an alien prince whose people honor women of size, she realizes she's lost one more thing — her mind.

Matthew Adams, aka Tek, Crown Prince of Kratania, has traveled through a magical portal to find his soul mate, the woman foretold to become his queen. When Mary refuses to believe they are meant to marry, he picks up the challenge to prove he's not an Earther, and takes her to his world and shows her all the ways Kratanian men honor their women.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 5.00