Brianna's Prophecy

Niklas Voortag will do anything for his people. As the High King of Terrna it is what is expected of him. Even if that means traveling to far away worlds to search for a mate that can help him save Terrna as stated by an ancient prophecy. Brianna O’Neill never expected that her life was going to be changed when she met Niklas. Niklas feels that Brianna is the woman he is searching for to save his people. Being kidnapped, torn from friends and her world, she struggles with what is happening to her and her feelings for Niklas. She must also struggle with the realization that she may be the only one to save Terrna.

Tianna Xander weaves a fascinating tale of passion and romance with a bit of suspense scattered in with Brianna’s Prophecy. The characters are well-rounded, and will sweep you up into their story with the descriptiveness that Xander uses. Be careful the love scenes get so hot you may need a glass of ice water and a towel to cool off. I will definitely be putting this one on my keeper shelf to read again and again. I am sure that anyone that enjoys paranormal romance will enjoy this wonderful story.

Book Blurb for Brianna's Prophecy

Niklas Voortag, High King of Terrna lives his life for his people. His own needs are unimportant. Driven by the words of an ancient prophecy, he searches far and wide for the woman who can save his world. Now that he's found her, can she also save his heart?

Kidnapped from her world and everything she knows, Brianna O'Neill finds that she is The One destined to save an entire world. A trip through space, an acquaintance with a faery and an ancient sorcerer was never at the top of her list. Now she must come to terms with the fact that she is the only one with the power to thwart an evil plan. Pages: 276 | Heat Level: 2

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50