Bound by Blood

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Bound by Blood

Drone Chronicles Book 7

Stephanie Hecht’s Bound by Blood is the Seventh Book in the Drone Chronicles Series. She adds on to the tale of Ethan and his life with Zeke with this mysterious, romantic, action packed book. I enjoyed reading this title very much and hope to be able to catch any others that may come out in the series.

Ethan hopes that he will be able to find true happiness with his Vampire mate Zeke. He and the other warlocks from his former coven have been living with a Drone Vampire clan. He was the only one that was not quite vampire or warlock…he was both. This is because Pure Vamps and a Dark Warlock of the Ninth captured him.  They had tortured him and by the time he was rescued he was dying but was turned in order to save his life.

Now one of the members of the Ninth has come with a message for him from that Dark Warlock. But Ethan wants nothing to do with that sort of evil and after hearing the message has the messenger executed. A short time later everyone is called to the Clan Leaders office where Eric lets them know that Ethan’s mothers Coven is being attacked by the Ninth and has sent out a distress call. They are the only ones that can help and no one else will do so.

Will they be able to save his mothers clan? Why was she attacked…is it to get at Ethan or drawn him in to the evil?

Book Blurb for Bound by Blood

Genre: Gay, Paranormal Romance: Vampire, Witch

Pages: 153

Flame Rating: 4 Flames

Sometimes love can't overcome the demons from your past.

Ethan thought that he'd finally overcome all the horrors of his past. With his lover, Zeke, by his side and an entire clan of vampires at his back, he thought he could finally have true happiness. That all changes when an enemy from his old life comes back and threatens all that Ethan holds dear. Then when he finds out that Zeke's life may hang in the balance, Ethan knows he will have to embrace his dark side in order to get his lover back. But once he gives over to the dark magic, will Ethan even be able to come back? And if so, will he lose Zeke's love in the process?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.75