Blood and Mint Chocolates

Adrianne Brennan brings us another exciting novella in the Dark Moon series.
Amaltheia the librarian or to her friends Merideth is sent on a vacation by Janius the Magister of their order which is “Ordo Draconis et Rosae”. He feels that she is becoming a workaholic and needs a bit of a vacation and he and some of the others send her to Hotel Paradisio on Crystal Island.
It was an elegant resort on a beautiful island with nightclubs and beaches etc., things that she did not expect to get as such a gift. When she arrived at the resort and got her hotel key she laughed at the number on the key it was room 156 in the red wing, the number of Babalon. She was sent an invitation to a Masquerade Ball at the Venus estate that evening and had to go out and find something to wear. Luckily she caved in when Janius made her bring the credit card he insisted she bring with her on the trip, and went out and bought a gorgeous outfit for the party one that accentuated her already elf like features and made her look like a fairy. Once she arrived at the party she was admiring costumes and talking with a few guests and heard a familiar laugh and realized that it was a magistrate from another order Kalia from Clan Corvus. Merideth had had a crush on Kalia for a long time and now seeing her here made it even worse, especially with her wearing a dominatrix style outfit. When Merideth tried to step outside to get some fresh air she almost ran over what she thought was another guest. It in fact turned out to be her host. The red headed lady stated she had been on her way to find Merideth and congratulated her on being chosen as being the recipient of that night’s prize. The red headed lady offered her the goblet having her read the inscription, which said “Do What You Wish.” And told her if she drank from the goblet she could have what she wished for that night. Merideth did not know exactly what she should wish for and asked, what she thought now to be a goddess, what if she wished wrong. The goddess told her that the only wrong wish is the one you do not act upon out of fear of judgment, fear of appraisal, fear of people’s opinions. Do what you wish. So she wished to be with Kalia that night and it was one of the best nights she had ever had.
The following day when Merideth woke up she found a blood red rose and a gift from Kalia asking her to join her for dinner that evening. When she did she realized, that the two of them may not have just been acting on the wish from last night anymore. They were acting on their own feelings now and they intended to explore them a bit more before they went back to their own sanctuaries. The both needed to feed and Kalia realized that Merideth had not fed since she had gotten to the island. So they went out to a night club to do so but they happen to feel some majik in the club and when Kalia zeroes in on it that is when Meri feels that something is not quite right. Kalia tries to defuse the situation that she sees between the guy and gal that the majik seem to be coming from and ultimately achieves her goal. She also decides that they can use the two of them as their donors for the night.
On the way back they ask the girl to get them some cigarettes and meet them back at Kalia’s so she does. Before she gets back they go ahead and take what they need from the guy and put him to sleep making him seem like he has passed out. When the girl comes back they find out exactly what the girl and guy were arguing about which alarms both Kalia and Merideth. They will have to figure out exactly what to do next with the information they just received.
Adrianne never ceases to amaze us with her work and this one is no exception. This addition to the Dark Moon series is wonderful. I have said it before and will say it again Adrianne is a bright and talented author and I have no doubt we will see more and more amazing novellas like this from her each and every time.

Book Blurb for Blood and Mint Chocolates

Merideth, a vampire and librarian, spends most of her nights researching and book collecting for Clan Gladius within the Order of the Dragon and the Rose. Much to her surprise, the head of Clan Gladius unexpectedly presents her with a luxurious gift: a trip to stay at Hotel Paradisio at Crystal Island!

The heat is on at the island resort under moonlit skies and palm trees. The tropical heat quickly transforms into a scorching hot time that will be seared into Merideth's memory forever when she runs into her long time crush, Kalia. Merideth is presented with a gift from a goddess that allows her to experience in reality her deepest fantasies...which existed before in dreams alone. But can their passion survive the intrigue and potential dangers that await them, or will it only last as long as her vacation?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00