Bite Me: A BBA Menage Anthology

Bite me is an Anthology of books written by ten authors. It encompasses romance, love, mythology, magic, mystery, paranormal and sexy love making all in one. Each author brings to the table their own style of writing that transitions into the next story cleanly. From Sean Michael’s When Needed to BA Tortuga’s A Family Business each story gives you their own vision of love with a bit of the paranormal. I found this book to be delightful and will read it over and over.

Sean Michael gives us a look at a young lady that finds out her two pet puppies can change into two hunky men when she needs them.

Marie Carlson shows us the love a half demon can share with two vampires while wondering what is going to happen between their two races.

Joyce Sully gives us a look at carnival life and shows us that you can’t judge a book by its cover. A Cannibalistic queen is taught to read by a curious spectator but in turn she and the person that found her teach him a thing or two.

Mercy Loomis brings a bit of mythology to the table with Empusa. This is a story of a wife and the Goddess Empusa daughter of Hecate. The wife enlists her help to finish a spell that she has cast on her husband.

In Dog Days by CC Bridges, Monica’s best friend Libby has gone missing. They know she has not been kidnapped but they still don’t know where she has gone off too. When she does find the clue that Libby has left for her she is shocked about what she finds.

Julia Talbot gives us a look at what happens when two roommates feel that their friend and roommate has drifted apart from them. They try regaining that connection.

Giselle Renard shows us that sometimes what you seek is there in front of you. Maybe you just are not looking the way you should be.

Vic Winter gives us a look into the strong pull love can have on people that have been lost to each other for years.

J Rocci spins us a delightful tale of protection and love between three people when faced with danger.

BA Tortuga’s gives us a wonderful tale of love and affection in A Family Business. When Vampire and Demon Hunter, Kit is fatally attacked by a demon her two vampire lovers show her just how much they love her.

Overall, this is a real winner of an anthology. There is something for everyone.

Book Blurb for Bite Me: A BBA Menage Anthology

165 pages / 62300 words
by edited by K.I.L. Kenny with stories by Sean Michael, Marie Carlson, Joyce Sully, Mercy Loomis, CC Bridges, Julia Talbot, Giselle Renarde, Vic Winter, J. Rocci, and BA Tortuga
Hidden in plain view, taboo lovers bond in ways mundane eyes cannot see. When two are not enough, "Bite Me" shows how three can seal their truest carnal connections. When Needed, by Sean Michael, starts off with Jen, whose two faithful canine companions might be more than they seem. In Like a Thousand Miles of Fire, Marie Carlson's half-demon Crystal Andraya finds strength in the arms of her vampire lovers as war between their races looms. In Joyce Sully's Roll Up, a joyless student falls for a sideshow huckster and a cannibal queen.
In Julia Talbot's Changing Shifts, Dave has to explain to his roommates why he's suddenly shunning sunlight. Mercy Loomis unmasks a vampire demon in Empusa, whose lovers don't usually live to tell the tale. A different kind of mystery hooks Monica in CC Bridges' Dog Days. Her best friend has disappeared, and the two strangers who show up in her life have secrets they want to keep.
In Giselle Renarde's Shadow People, PI Anna Fairclough is chosen to investigate the elusive Inuit Shadow People. Vic Winter's Owen thinks he might be crazy when he finds a strange woman in the park, but his lover Tommy knows what to do. In This Home We Defend, by J Rocci, Zev unwittingly brings his pack into danger when a new Alpha issues an unusual challenge. Finally, in A Family Business, by BA Tortuga, Kit has a hard time juggling the family demon hunting business with two vampire lovers.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00