Binding Vows

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Binding Vows

Cathryn Bybee brings together past and future holding them together with magic and romance and just a small touch of comedy in Binding Vows. The story was full of all things that I love action, romance, history and the knight in shining armor saving the damsel in distress bit. Bybee makes everything work together smoothly with a wonderful story anyone would love.
Tara’s best friend Cassie has brought her to a Renaissance Faire for a short vacation. It’s not Tara’s cup of tea but for Cassie she’ll go through with it. The part that bothers her is the Gypsy Queen Gwen. The Gypsy Queen can tell which young maiden has kept her virtue and people gossip that she can see through your very soul. But when Tara is brought before the Gypsy Queen, she gets the feeling that is not her name and that something is up with her. Something about the old woman creeps her out and doesn’t set right with her.  The Gypsy Queen tells her she must wear her hair down since she is a virgin. This doesn’t set well with Tara and she refuses to do it until her hair tie is taken away from her by one of Gwen’s men.
Duncan and his brother Fin have traveled to the future to make sure an evil doesn’t spout forth upon the land. But to do this they must de-flower virgins. Unfortunately Tara proves a bit of a trouble in that department as in she doesn’t want to be de-flowered. She wants to keep her virtue until she meets the right man. A man she can spend her whole life with.
When elevated to the station of mock royalty in the faire Duncan senses that Gwen is up to something, but he doesn’t know what. He just knows that he must save Tara.
What is Gwen up to, who is she and how is Duncan going to save Tara?

Book Blurb for Binding Vows

Duncan MacCoinnich's task... Travel to the twenty-first century Renaissance Faire, deflower the Druid virgins, and go home. Only his job is not so easily accomplished with the virgin in question, Tara McAllister. Time is running out. The evil is closing in on them both.

Tara finds Duncan irresistible after what was supposed to be a mock Hand-fasting binds them. When Duncan whisks her to his home in Scotland she could accept that. But, can she forgive him for taking away her modern life when she finds herself in the sixteenth century? And is it love they feel? Or something else?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.75