Bewitching Purpose

Blending Bloodlines

Armand and Matilda are back in Bewitching Purpose one of the Blending Bloodlines Stories, that are becoming wonderful books. Colorful stories, strong characters will have you rooted to your seat until you finish the book. I recommend this book to anyone that loves romance and taming of the heart.

Armand had finally gotten Matilda home but she is not happy and in turn is making him completely miserable. She turns into a complete handful and he has to get creative to make her happy. She starts nagging at him again about their future, which he actually know less than he lets on about. But more things come to light than are expected. What will happen when Matilda finds out about more of her past?

Book Blurb for Bewitching Purpose

The Blood Countess comes to call. Armand and Matilda are faced with a future they cannot control. When the elders hand down the order to revisit yesteryear and shift through the memories of one of the most dangerous vampire witches to ever live, Armand recognizes his own fate is just as damning.

Transforming into the very vampire Erzsebet Bathory couldn’t have, Armand understands the future they’re set to claim. He’s troubled by history and the order to revisit a past his elders want him to change. And to make matters worse? Matilda believes she’s not only destined to step into the role of Erzsebet Bathory, but also fated to carry the title of another very famous vampire.

*Publisher's Note: This is an updated version of a previously released title.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50