Bewitching Bite

A Blending Bloodlines Tale

Destiny Blaine sends us through a wild and romantic story with Bewitching Bite. Matilda is a powerful witch and a Blood Countess, with a powerful sexual appetite that can’t be filled by normal means. She knows that sooner or later she will have to complete the blending of bloodlines with a Vampire and does not want to do so.

Armand a Russian Vampire searches for his intended mate, which happens to be Matilda. When she realizes that she is being searched for, for the Blood Blending she becomes angry and fights back.

Armand reveals her families past to her which she denies and calls him a liar about. She throws him out of her house still not wanting to believe what he says, but in the back of her mind wondering if some of the things her family did and said were pointing to this moment in time. She refused to believe it still and went into another plan to keep him from blending with her and taking her back to his homeland.

Will Armand be able to convince her to what he said is true? Will he be able to win her over and blend with her and make her his mate?

This is a fascinating paranormal tale that readers will get sucked into. 

Book Blurb for Bewitching Bite

CATEGORY: Paranormal Romance, Vampire.
ELEMENTS: Adult Situations and Language, Strong Sexual Content, Violence.

A descendant of The Blood Countess, Matilda is transformed during the blending of bloodlines and becomes a supernatural creature empowered by a damning legacy. Intrigued by the future she reluctantly embraces, the spunky young witch completes the bonding and blending of bloodlines with a vampire who isn?t quite ready to reveal his precise place in her future.

Armand is a Russian vampire in search of a blender, a mate destined for him because of peculiar mutual ties to the past. The knowledge Armand has about Erzsebet Bathory, a distant relative of the one chosen for him, is frightening. Armand quickly discovers that there is only one way the dead will stay buried: he must bond with a witch, and empower her with the blood of the one vampire Erzsebet Bathory wanted, but couldn?t have.

*Publisher's Note: This is an updated version of a previously released title.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.50