Between Love and Lust

Mika lives in the City of Haven a placed shared by humans and vampires alike. During the day Haven is inhabited by humans and during the night by vampires and humans alike. Mika had always lived in Haven both in her human life and now so far for the 10 years of her undead life as well. There are several Clan families of Vampires. Mika is part of Clan Chavel. There is a Council of Elders that rules the vampire clans and keeps a balance in Haven. It was this Council that sentenced her mater-sire to eternal rest for conspiring to kill her sire and clan leader Dawson Laury. Mika still mourned the loss of Miriam. She now only had her pater-sire Jacob who she was closer to now since the loss of her mater-sire.
The death of clan Leonards’ founder and namesake is questionable and Jacob wants to get to the bottom of it because he doesn’t believe that it was an accident. He and Mika start the investigations in Clan Corbius’ territory. More things start to seem a miss including when Mika is attacked with her Clan Lucienna bodyguard, Erik, while trying to talk to an informant. They was later an exile named Hail helped Erik, Jacob and Mika escape from a pack of crazed vampires as they were trying to leave the territory.
A clan leader is murdered sending the council up in arms. This caused an emergency meeting to be called to discuss what should and can be done about what is going on and how to stop the deaths. Clan Corbius’ has always abstained from the council and because of that cannot defend themselves from the accusations that are brought against them. It is suggested and agreed upon that a Nightwatch be established to help bring order to the Clans at night.
Since during the meeting, they found out that humans are missing by the hundreds and it seems, that Clan Corbius’ ranks are growing it seems that the crazed vampires could be the missing humans. This will utilize any of the Clans warriors to help stabilize the city and try to help prevent any more deaths. Jacob offers his and Mika’s services and Mika is given another assignment. Mika is to coerce a priest. The priest has returned to the city and is helping hunters by providing them with holy water and information.
Hail the exile that helped Erik, Jacob and Mika escape from the attack on their lives in Clan Corbius’ territory is being asked by Corbius himself if he would like to be blood-bonded to his childe Alexa to remove his exile status. He is given till the end of the evening to make his decision. Hail moves into Clan Chavel territory to speak with Mika again since he became so enamored with her on their last encounter. However, this meeting can prove fatal considering the councils last ruling on goings on and associating with clan Corbius’.  They manage to keep their meeting from everyone but the bodyguard Erik who seems to know just about everything she does. But Hail does promise to give her information on the inside workings of Clan Corbius’ and follows through the very next night with information about and ambush.
Erik and Mika found out that two of the other Clans were allying themselves with Clan Corbius’ when they happened upon one of the other clan’s members breaking one of the tenets set about by the clan council. When they approached the member and questioned him he tried to attack but Erik took hold of him and interrogated him. Then something took hold of Mika and they realized it was a different clan’s member. When this was brought back to Jacob he realized they did need to call a council meeting but that this was going to cause unrest in the clans as if they didn’t have enough already. He also told Mika that a proposed bond between Clan Lucienna and Chavel would help. But it would not happen unless it was of Jacobs’s line. Mika did not like this at all as she was not ready to be blood bound and was even further upset when she found out that Hail was to be bound to Alexa. The proposed union between the Lucienna and Chavel clan childes was to be Mika and Erik and neither one of them liked it at all, Jacob would not be deterred from seeing this union happen.
Will Jacob and Mika be able to bring down Clan Corbius’ with the help of the Council and will the union between Erik and Mika take place?
Nikko Lee is a bright and talented author. Her words jump right off the page making you hang on every word. Her characters are bright and full of life, which helps to bring you right into the story. I will most certainly read any other book of hers that crosses my desk.

Book Blurb for Between Love and Lust

All vampires hunger for blood, but for Mika the pleasures of the flesh are as nourishing as blood. Since the start of her unlife, she has indulged her need for carnal satiation. After the death of her mater-sire, she began to comprehend the complexities of the political struggles embroiling the clans of Haven, and now that knowledge fascinates her. Her pater-sire introduces her to a world of intrigue, where information is as valuable as blood. Mika’s particular ability to seduce and enchant allows her to assist her pater-sire in uncovering the perpetrators of the assassination of a clan leader. While deep with the slums controlled by Clan Corbius, Mika meets a handsome and dangerous exile who is as renowned for his fighting skills as his ability to seduce. Hail McMahon is as sexy as he is unpredictable, and with his aid, Mika is able to escape from the territory of Clan Corbius after a mysterious attack by a mob of crazed vampires.

The streets of Haven run red with blood following several assassinations that leave the members of the Council of Clans accusing each other of treachery. Mika is forbidden to see Hail, a known associate of Clan Corbius, by a council decree, but that does not stop her from desiring him. Mika combines business with pleasure as she tries to unravel Corbius’ plot and identify the spy operating from within the council. With the assistance of Erik, her ever-present and perpetually disapproving bodyguard, Mika gets closer to uncovering Corbius’ plan to take over the city. At the same time she realizes that her feelings for Hail maybe more than lust.

Mika suffers a broken heart when she finds out that Hail has promised to form a blood-bond with Alexa, Corbius’ youngest childe. Despite Hail’s assurances that his union with Alexa simply forms a convenient means of gaining information about the inner workings of Clan Corbius, his attempts to kill Mika’s pater-sire and bodyguard convince Mika that all along, he has been using her. Grudgingly, Mika agrees to form a politically motivated blood-bond with Erik, her bodyguard, in order to secure his clan’s participation in the coming war. Before the ceremony can be performed, Mika is kidnapped by Corbius’ minions, with the help of Hail, who has been placed under a spell that causes him to be enslaved by Alexa. Forced into a dark world where pleasure is often mixed with pain, Mika is surprised by her willingness to satisfy the vampires who threaten the stability of Haven. Mika knows that she must not only find a way to stop Corbius from taking over the city, but she must also resolve her conflicted feelings for Hail.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00