Best Laid Plans

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Best Laid Plans

Book Length: Plus Novel

Tessa Maycroft and Zander York need each other for a reason but not both for the same reason. Zander York works for Holbrook University and is a Criminal Psychology Professor he is Tessa's next door neighbor. He needs her help to convince his boss the Dean and the board to get his Tenure by pretending to be his steady girlfriend. Thereby showing him he is a stable person that should deserve the tenure position. Tessa needs him for an entirely different reason she works at a Library and is a volunteer at a women's and children's shelter. She has recently started getting unnerving notes and gifts from a stalker it seems addressed to her that are arriving at her work and at the shelter as well, even taped to her car. These notes and gifts are bringing back pain of a past trauma that she would just soon to forget. When she goes to pick up a package from Zander's teaching colleague Aidan for an artist friend of hers that has a gallery showing. Zander lets her know that he needs to talk to her about something and that he will talk to her later and he said he would cook her dinner to talk with her about it. He explains to her what he would like her to do for him and why with trying to get the Tenure position after going over other female options of people they know and him shooting them down because of good reasons she agrees to do it. She also asks him if he will go with her that night to a Gallery showing for her friend. She receives another unnerving note that evening at the gallery showing that is placed in her coat pocket. This really upsets her and she decides that she does not need to tell Zander yet that she can handle this. After the gallery that night she and Zander have a talk while he is driving them home. The next day she goes to the police station to talk to a detective to let him know about 2 more notes she had found one under the library door and one more on her car again. The one on her car is the reason she was at the police station it was some tacky white underwear. She talks with Detective Duritz who takes the case and tells her that he will help her to figure out what is going on and to let him know about every note and gift sent from the stalker and gives her his numbers. She decides that she still does not need to tell Zander because she doesn't want to put him in danger of anything. The first party they go to goes off without a hitch and no one is any wiser to their deception. Tessa's stalker steps up his stalking a bit with his notes and gifts making her more aware that there is a problem. Zander knows something is going on but not quite what it is but vows to figure it out. He keeps remembering about his brother's wife and what happened to her and doesn't want it to happen to Tessa he just has a feeling something is going on with her. But each time he asks her she says nothing is wrong she is ok. The more worried she gets about the notes the more he notices it the more he asks the more she skirts around it and tries to talk about something else. Zander just want to make sure that she is safe and sound, but despite things that are going on they seem to be falling for each other and that their make believe relationship is not as make believe as they think.

Bronwyn Green shows us how a victim of a stalker thinks and how she may act to her friends and love ones around her. Bronwyn weaves a stunning tale of mystery and suspense in Best Laid Plans. Each character is well rounded and this is one for the keeper shelf definitely.

Book Blurb for Best Laid Plans

Zander York has a problem. He invented a fake fiancé to solve a work-related issue. Now he's forced to produce his bride-to-be. He turns to his friend and beautiful next door neighbor for help.

Unfortunately Tessa Maycroft has a few problems of her own. Unsettling notes and disturbing gifts addressed to her are arriving at her workplace. She's being stalked, bringing back memories of past trauma.

Amid mounting secrets, their make-believe relationship goes beyond the boundaries of pretend as Tessa and Zander risk both their hearts and their lives to claim their future. But one misstep and their future might end before either is willing to say goodbye.

Reader Advisory: There are references to rape and child abuse.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00