Before Dawn Breaks

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Before Dawn Breaks

Alexandria Lyons is a government assassin and the best in her field. When hired to take out a gentleman, she cannot do it because he is with his family. She calls her friend / psychiatrist and confides that she thinks she is going soft. Her friend tells her she is just being human. Next she is to make another hit. This time she is dressed as a lady plumber to gain access to the apartment. But before she can do her job and make the hit the gentleman puts two and two together and lets her know that the water has been fixed and that her cover was blown. The other gentleman in the apartment with him aims a grenade launcher at her she shots him but not before he gots a shot off at her. She jumped back into the hallway but the blast throws her into the wall makes her loose consciousness. Then she hears the elevator doors chime open and someone walking towards her. The hit to her head causes amnesia. She had information that was of an important nature. To keep her safe she is taken care of by John Mayer, son of the head of the agency, and Sharon her personal psychiatrist. Alex is now living under the identity of Camilla Angelson who is a writer and a recent graduate student. Soon the agency has locked on to who Camilla is. It is up to Sharon & Josh to jump back into action and let her know who she really is. They need to make sure their lives stay intact before they are tied to the money-laundering scheme that Alex uncovered before her accident. That scheme involved the new presidential candidate. Josh helps Alex to remember her past as Alex and not Camilla. This novel is packed with action.
Rae Lori is a bright and talented author; her characters are full and vibrant. She makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of the action. She also knows just the right amount of this n’ that to add in for a perfect hot n’ steamy romance. I will definitely be adding this to my Rae Lori section on my keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for Before Dawn Breaks

Alexandra Lyons is a cold, seductive assassin, skilled in the art of killing. Camilla Angelson is a bubbly writer enjoying the quiet life as a recent graduate from college. Both women are the same person. Unfortunately, her former employer, the secret government bureau that hired her, knows this all too well.

Josh Mayer is a former secret service agent looking to pick up the pieces of his life after a messy divorce from a cheating wife and a job of putting his life on the line. Doubling as a restaurateur and an "unofficial" undercover agent, the beautiful female target he is protecting may be the same one he is willing to risk his life and, most of all, his heart to save.

Soon, Josh must put his life on the line to evade an unknown killer that ties them all the way to a money-laundering scheme involving the newest presidential candidate to the White House. Meanwhile, Alexandra's heart is warmed with Josh at her side as she slowly remembers the dark past she left behind.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 5.00