Because Your Vampire Said So

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Because Your Vampire Said So

Broken Heart, Oklahoma, Book 3

Michele Bardsley has brought us another extraordinary addition to the broken heart series. Patsy Donahue is the town’s hairstylist and although most of her clients have left town she still has plenty more because of all the Lycans who pride themselves on their looks and well lets face it they need haircuts too. Patsy is having problems with her teenage son who now is up to his neck in everything a teenage boy his age will experiment with, and in this town it can get you in to more than just a bit of trouble it can cause you real danger. Depending on whom you run into when you’re causing your mischief. This is just one thing that is causing Patsy stress she now has to deal with a Lycan named Gabriel that shows up at the shop one particular evening stating that Damian sent him and that his orders were to secure her beauty shop and to walk her home, and if she didn’t believe her she could call him. When she did she found out Gabriel was telling the truth. While she was preparing the shop for the night and it’s lockdown with Gabriel watching her he was attacked from behind by another Lycan a big huge wolf. When the fight was finished the big wolf vanished and Gabriel collapsed at Patsy’s feet. She got him to her trailer and called Damian, Jessica and Patrick to let them know what had happened. She explained what happened and Damian said it was a good thing that Rick fended off her attacker she said that Rick wasn’t her guardian. Damian said yes he was. She explained that he was not the one that fended off the attacker and was not the one in her trailer and why would he fend off an attacker if he wasn’t. They decided to find out, the spirits that Patsy can see since she had been turned (when your turned by a vampire you get certain powers from that family line Patsy’s is seeing spirits and other things of that nature like controlling spirits, raising the dead and etc. like a necromancer.) she has been able to see certain spirits and two especially like to stay near her. Her grandmother, Nonna, lets her know that Gabriel left out her bedroom window when he came too. Patrick and Jessica tell her they think it is best that she move her and her son into the compound and that the rest of the town is doing the same because of some of the attacks that have been going on. Some Wiccans have now moved into town and they think they will need their protective spells to help fend off the attacks. Before they leave Jessica lets her know that there is a PPTA (Paranormal Parent Teachers Association) meeting tomorrow and she would like her to come. As they are leaving Patsy’s son Wilson comes home he has been out getting doing things she doesn’t like him doing and is not very polite to Jessica but Jessica lets it roll off of her and leaves. When they are all gone Patsy has it out with Wilson but the end result is not one she would like to have had with him. On the way to the PPTA her master Khenti shows up to explain and explain her powers to her and train her in them a bit more. As they are leaving from their practice spot they are attacked by Durga the ancient and the wolf that had attacked her the night before. Once again Gabriel shows up and saves the day again this time saving not just Patsy but Khenti as well. Khenti transports Patsy back to her shop and leaves once he does Gabriel shows up at her back door and this is when she learns what he is that he is half Lycan and half vampire. He will go on to tell her that she is the one that will unite the Vampires and the Lycans and be their queen and save them from Koschei she doesn’t believe it and thinks him and a few of his gang are a bit looney. But yet each time she lays her hand or touches by accident one of the Ancients she gets a bit of their family power, which makes her one powerful vampire. Michele gives us another stellar performance with Because Your Vampire Said So. It is a great addition to the series. She never ceases to amaze us her paranormal romantic comedies. They are some of the best I have read and she is a bright and talented author. 

Book Blurb for Because Your Vampire Said So

When you’re immortal, being a mom won’t kill you— it will only make you stronger.
Even though all the non-vamps in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, skipped town, Patsy Donahue has kept her hair salon up and running thanks to the werewolves prowling around. They know how important good grooming is, especially a certain rogue shapeshifter who’s as sexy as he is deadly. Now, if only she could put a leash on her wild teenage son, who’s up to his neck in danger. The stress would kill Patsy, if she wasn’t already undead. But her maternal instinct is still alive and kicking. And no one had better mess with her own flesh and blood…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 5.00