Bad-Ass Faeries

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Bad-Ass Faeries

Bad Ass Faeries is an Anthology of 20 stories by 21 authors about 5 types of faeries. Warrior, Outlaw, Wild, Street and Noir Faeries are explained in each story. You will find yourself thinking of a particular type of faerie as your favorite as you read the Anthology.

Each story is carefully written to show exactly what each type of faerie is like. I found it delightful and each story made me think more and more about the possibilities of faeries being real. The authors brought each character to life and they popped off the page pulling you into the story. I look forward to reading the next set of stories in this series.

Book Blurb for Bad-Ass Faeries

Clap Your Hands...NOW! Because you better believe the world is full of Bad-Ass Faeries!

Toss out your childhood notions of faeries that are all goodness and light. No golden pixies clothed in gossamer, dancing on the wind, here to make the rainbows shine and the birds sing. These tales are of faeries on the raw edge, battle-worn and in black leather, with a glimmer of darkness in their eyes, if not their very hearts.

From the meanest city streets to one dusty, disturbing saloon, on the wing or the back of a Harley, no matter where you look, they are headed your way, trailing attitude, bodies, and a dust devil of magic in their wake.

Good or bad or just plain rotten, you’ll never look at faeries the same way again.

This book is part 1 of the Bad-Ass Faeries series

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.25