Bad-Ass Faeries: Just Plain Bad

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Bad-Ass Faeries: Just Plain Bad

Bad-Ass Faeries, #2

Bad-Ass Faeries 2 gives us another 20 tales of faeries your mother wouldn’t want you to hang around or love. The Authors for the sequel of Bad-Ass Faeries 1 give us all the bad we can handle and then some. It was as much if not more as enjoyable a read as its predecessor, and I will enjoy reading any other books that come across from these authors.

Gorge was the best musical faerie in the Kingdoms and then he was exiled. He is determined to bring down the Kingdoms and the only way he knows how is the Way of the Bone.

Evelyn wants to sell what she calls ‘Moonshine’ to all the top entrepreneurs in America and she is starting in the City of Brotherly Love. Tom feels that there is something not quite right about her. He goes to his Baba to tell her what is going on and get some advice. What he learns from her shocks and scares him.

Roy, Cameron and Monica and their crew are out to capture a sidhe faerie. He’s been stealing artifacts and committing crimes all over the place and they think they may have him right where they want him. Victor Caradoc is the sidhe they are after and he is getting rich people to give him money from all over the world. He doesn’t need the money; it’s just for the sport of it.

There are more stories just like these in the Anthology of Bad-Ass Faeries 2. From Faerie clowns to Pirate Faeries and more these faeries are really really BAD!!!

Book Blurb for Bad-Ass Faeries: Just Plain Bad

Do you like to Dance with Danger? Well now's your chance!

Don't worry about things that go bump in the night; count yourself lucky if these fae give you that much warning. In the finest tradition of the original Bad-Ass Faeries, the twenty tales in this collection delve into the darkest corners, exploring every tough and terrifying aspect the legends of faeries ever claimed...and then some.

Lose yourself in twisted tales of homicidal faerie clowns, one man's gladiatorial stand against Earth's overlords, and a desperate mother's confrontation with the fiercest pirates above the Seven Seas...not to mention dry land. Read on in fascinated horror as a faerwolf is born, and unwise parties-of-the-second-part come to rue deals made with a different kind of devil. Here is where you discover just how many faerie tales never even get a glimpse of Happily Ever After...

Forget about misunderstood; these faeries are Just Plain Bad!

This book is part 2 of the Bad-Ass Faeries series

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75