Ashes to Ashes

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Ashes to Ashes

Blood Ties Series, #3

Ashes to Ashes is a compelling book about a Vampire named Carrie and her friends who set out to keep their world from crashing down around their ears. It is hard enough for her to keep her own survival but worry about the whole of the human race is going to prove a bit difficult. The Oracle has broken out of her jail at the Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement headquarters and is moving to set her plan into motion to make the world into a vampire paradise.

Carrie has other ideas, along with her friends Max, Nathan and Bella an Assassin werewolf they will work together to try to take the Oracle out. What they don't know is that Dahlia a vampire witch and The Soul Eater, Nathan's Sire are working together along with the Oracle to make this vampire paradise a reality. This vampire paradise can prove fatal for all of mankind, vampirekind and lupinekind as well. What they don't know is that Dahlia has been practicing her witchcraft all over on everyone she can get her hands on from Max, to the Soul Eater's son Cyrus. She is trying to create a borne vampire that will help to carry out the Oracles plan.

Nathan Carrie and Cyrus form a plan with Max and Bella to take down the Oracle and the Soul Eater. But while on the way to take care of their part of the plan Bella gets a bad case of carsickness which turns out to morning sickness instead. When they get to their first destination they are captured, and are taken to a safe haven with the movement. They are removed from the Movement safe haven by Anne a former movement receptionist, and assassin that they know.

Meanwhile Carrie, Nathan, and Cyrus have stormed Cyrus's father's mansion and a fight ensues and Cyrus stands up to his father for one last time after finding out the truth thanks to Carrie. Max and Bella are being held in another part of the mansion unbeknownst to the daring trio and are battling their own demons with the Oracle at this point. Max with his love for Bella and the child that she is carrying. Max battles wits with the Oracle about the Soul Eater stringing her along etc. He also makes comments to just keep her away from Bella and the baby. The Oracle finally gets tired and has one of her pet vampires call for the new vampire killer that the Soul eater has waiting.

Jennifer Armintrout knows how to keep you turning pages with this captivating page-turner. I will be seeking out any other books she cares to write in this series. Please bring them on. Book after book Ms. Armintrout never ceases to amaze. The characters are well rounded and bring life and depth to each and every page. I will definitely be putting this on my keeper shelf.

Book Blurb for Ashes to Ashes

Being a vampire is a life-or-death situation. When I was first turned, I had only my survival to worry about. Now I'm locked in a battle for the existence of the entire human race-and the cards are definitely stacked against me.

The Voluntary Vampire Extinction Movement headquarters are destroyed, and their pet horror, the Oracle, is on the loose. She'll stop at nothing to turn the world into a vampire's paradise, even if it means helping the Soul Eater become a god and harnessing his power for her own evil ends.

An ancient vampire, a blood-sucking near deity and oh, yeah, my presently human former sire thrown into the mix. I say bring it on. May the best monster win.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00