Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace

Four people's lives will be changed drastically when a earthquake hits San Francisco during a benefit charity dinner dance. Sarah Sloan, Melanie Free, Everett Carson and Sister Maggie Kent experience a severe earthquake damaging the ballroom of the Ritz-Carlton hosting the event that evening. Once they emerge from the rubble and devastation left behind by the earthquake their lives will start to cross paths and intermingle in ways they did not think possible and in different ways as well. They realize that the whole city is in shambles and a couple go out to try and help others to get patched up or get to the make shift shelter. Melanie Free Grammy winning singer is one of those people along with Sister Maggie Kent. Melanie breaks away from her mothers smothering clutches to help Sister Maggie who is a nun and a nurse with the homeless and the hurt at the field hospital. During the day she is happy helping the homeless and at night she then deals with her mothers nagging and complaining at night about the conditions that they must deal with. Sister Maggie's Path also crosses with Sarah Sloan took her son to the field hospital because he was sick and the normal hospital emergency room wouldn't take him. Maggie asked her if she was ok because she looked upset she just said it was her husband but that she couldn't go into it at the moment. Maggie told her that she new where she was if she needed her there by adding Sarah into the vast equation that was Maggie's life. The Journalist Everett Carson has been taking pictures from the start of the benefit on he has even given his jacket to Melanie because she was only wearing the dress she preformed in on stage. After the earthquake he was still taking pictures even of Melanie and Maggie helping in the field hospital. Everett and Maggie talked quite a bit including about Everett's past life and about him being an alcoholic and missing his son. Maggie helped him set up an AA meeting there in the makeshift shelter area since he hadn't been to one in a while and he ran it while the shelter was there until the planes were able to get anyone out of the area. Meanwhile Sarah Sloan and her husband Seth are having a terrible time as the world as they know it is falling down around them because he is in trouble with the SEC for Money Fraud. Maggie becomes the person that Sarah needs to talk to and Melanie as well after she returns to LA. Melanie is still trying to deal with her mother and realizes that she must start running her own life and career and must make her mother see that, and to do that will take something drastic. Meanwhile Maggie is dealing with her own demons as her love from Everett comes to light and that he loves her as well. Everett at Maggie's suggestion goes to find his son and to see him for the first time since he was a child he learns that he is a man that is married and has children and that his son goes to AA as well. While sitting in his Hotel room he calls Maggie to thank her for telling him to go and find his son. Each person that has been affected by the earthquake has their own demons to fight and extinguish but each will be dealt with over time.

Danielle Steel's Amazing Grace is a wonderful book each character is full of depth and emotion you feel as if you are right there with them in the midst of all the earthquake has caused. She really shows you exactly what different people can think and on what levels they think on in a situation like this and why they would think it. She never does cease to amaze with each novel she turns out.

Book Blurb for Amazing Grace

On a warm May night in San Francisco, the Ritz-Carlton ballroom shimmers with crystal and silver as a glittering, celebrity-studded crowd gathers for a charity dinner dance. The evening is perfect–until, just minutes before midnight, the room begins to sway. Glass shatters. And as the lights go out, people begin to scream…. In the earthquake’s aftermath, the lives of four strangers will converge.… Sarah Sloane, the beautiful wife of a financial whiz, watches her perfect world fall to pieces…. Grammy-winning singer Melanie Free, the event’s headliner, comes to a turning point in her life and career…. Photographer Everett Carson, a former war correspondent whose personal demons have demoted him to covering society parties, finds new purpose amid the carnage…and Sister Maggie Kent, a nun who normally works in jeans and high-tops with the homeless, searches through the rubble–and knows instantly that there is much work to be done…. As the city staggers back to life, a chain reaction of extraordinary events will touch each of the survivors.… For Sarah, it begins with the discovery of a crime and a betrayal, then a strength she never knew she had. For Melanie, volunteering at a refugee camp will open new worlds of possibility. And Everett will be shaken by the unlikely relationship he forges with Maggie, who helps him rebuild his shattered life–and upends her own in the process. But as a year passes, and the anniversary of the earthquake approaches, more surprises are in store–as each discovers the unexpected gifts in a tragedy’s wake…and the amazing grace of newbeginnings. Throughout these enthralling pages, Danielle Steel creates a stunning array of contrasts–from the dazzle of a society benefit to the chaos of a makeshift hospital, from the pampered lives of rock stars to the quiet heroism of emergency volunteers. It is her most powerful and life-affirming novel to date.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.00