A Pint Light

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A Pint Light

Devon Rhodes combines magery with vampirism in A Pint Light. A story about a vampire that is haunted by a mage in his dreams, every time he goes to sleep there she is seducing him.
Valerian needs a serious vacation from the same day today hunt for blood. But he’s also being haunted and seduced in his dreams by a mage. Before he can relax and take his dream vacation he must conquer this dream and the mage.
Raine and his sister Brie have family problems and need more power than their magic can give them to solve them. Luckily Valerian has all the power they need and they seek him and his brother out to get it.
Much to Valerian’s surprise the mage in his dream is male not female, but Raine still turns him on. But things don’t go as planned and Val winds up stealing more than just Raines magic even though it was by accident.
Will Raine get his magic back and complete his task? Will Valerian get his vacation and find out more about the mage in his dreams?
Rhodes adds in just the right amount of hot n’ steamy sex to get your mind racing and gets your imagination hopping and reels you into the story. This is a fantastic read.

Book Blurb for A Pint Light

Seasonal/ Vampire/ Gay
Short Story
Valerian stole Raine's blood, his magic...and his heart.

What's a vampire to do when every day is the same old dull quest for blood? Head to Maui, of course. But before Valerian can hit the beach, he needs to get rid of the sultry mage seducing him in his sleep. She may have fooled his subconscious, but he doesn't need a mate complicating his life. Imagine Val's shock when he finds out she's a he, yet still has the power to arouse him beyond anything he'd ever imagined.

Raine faints at the sight of blood and isn't looking forward to being a vamp's chew toy. Still, family duty calls, and Valerian turns out to be the hottest, and most powerful, male on two legs. Raine is crushed when the sexy vamp of his dreams runs from their rough play in horror. But his pride can't stand in the way when Valerian accidently steals his magic along with his blood.

Now, with time running out, Raine needs to seduce him one last time to even up the score, and maybe this time, they'll exchange more than blood and power. Magic is in the air, and sometimes love only needs a little nudge.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50