The Pleasure Device

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This is the first book that I read by Regina Kammer and I initially wanted to read this because it sounded interesting…and very, very steamy.

I was disappointed, however. This is book is now filed as a DNF for me. I struggled with this book after about the second chapter but I soldiered on until I could not take any more.

The first chapter introduced the whole book for me and I was very interested. It reminded me of all those Jack the Ripper movies where meetings of secret society doctors are in the stands watching another doctor perform a “medical procedure” in front of them. Well, this was really interesting to me but once the second chapter rolled in, I was disappointed. I did like the scene where the hero and heroine met and loved the sparks that flew between the two. I was just extremely disappointed when, a few chapters in, nothing really happened with the two characters. I also didn't like the fact that the villain, Julius was seducing Helena’s mother so that he can have Helena for himself and Helena’s mother was giving her daughter to him! Now, that was just disturbing.

The author also added steamy scenes with the villain which I did not really like because, let’s face it, we do not want to read about steamy, sexy scenes featuring the villain, right? Right. I want steamy scenes with the hero and heroine.

I don’t know if the story becomes more interesting further in but I just could not go past a few pages of chapter 10.

I have filed this book as my first DNF of 2014.

Book Blurb for The Pleasure Device

In Victorian London of 1879, a new device for the treatment of hysteria has just arrived from France. Dr. Julius Christopher plans to use the invention for his own salacious scheme. Can Dr. Nicholas Ramsay prevent his beloved, the virginal debutante Helena Phillips, from being the next patient?

The Doctor and The Debutante

Nicholas Ramsay, renouncing his aristocratic heritage and dark past, has chosen a career as a doctor. He arrives in London ready to embark upon his practice and find a suitable wife.

Helena Phillips, born into scandal and disgrace, is making her London debut. To atone for the circumstances of her birth, she must find a titled husband--no less than an earl will do.

A Dangerous Passion

Nicholas and Helena's chance encounter during the Season leads to a dangerous attraction--and forbidden explorations. A taste of passion leaves Helena longing for more, and her lovesick wretchedness is confused for hysteria, a mysterious ailment afflicting many Victorian women.

A Devious Scheme

Dr. Julius Christopher's new electro-mechanical vibrating machine for the treatment of hysteria is the perfect device to test his radical theory of female sexuality. To fully explore his hypothesis, he requires a virgin and seeks to ensnare Helena for his experiment.

Can He Save Her?

Nicholas is determined to rescue Helena from the clutches of Dr. Christopher. But to prove he is worthy of Helena's hand, Nicholas must reconcile with his past, embrace his future, and show her pleasure is more profound when coupled with love.

The Pleasure Device was previously published in 2013. It has been reedited with minor revisions and has a new cover.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 2.50