Misadventures in Seduction

Masquerading Mistresses #3

Misadventures in Seduction is the third book in the Masquerading Mistresses series by Robyn DeHart and centers on Harrison Carlisle, the Duke of Sutcliffe who started a spy group named, Seven. This book is full of intrigue, masquerades, spying and espionage.

A few years ago, the heroine, Prudence Hixsby bargained with her virtue to save her brother’s life but she seduces Harrison, the wrong man. Despite Harrison being affected by Prudence, he cannot have her due to his work as a spy.

Fast forward to 4 years, Prudence and Harrison meet up and are forced to work together to find her brother’s killer. Sparks begin to fly and Harrison can’t deny the fact that he is falling for Prudence. She, on the other hand, doesn’t know that Harrison was THE man that she seduced years ago but has also begun falling for him.

I really loved Prudence and Harrison’s journey to their HEA. I especially liked Prudence because I felt she was believable and felt a little unique and modern.

I really loved the character development in this story. Both Harrison and Prudence characters were perfectly fleshed out and I was able to relate to them. Despite it being a novella, Misadventures in Seduction was very enjoyable. A definite must read for those who want a quick romance with lots of thrills.

Book Blurb for Misadventures in Seduction

With five siblings to care for, Prudence Hixsby's duty comes first, even if it means becoming a spinster. When the eldest - and most cherished - of her younger brothers decides to join the war, however, Prudence is determined to keep him safe. So she strikes a bargain with an old acquaintance: her body in exchange for her brother's safety. In the dead of the night, she slips into the bed of a man whose touch is both fierce and passionate... little knowing she's just seduced the wrong man. Harrison Carlisle, the Duke of Sutcliffe, never imagined that the lovely Prudence would honour his bed, or just how bewitching those lush curves could be. Yet he keeps a gentleman's silence. After all, a spy for the Crown can ill afford to marry. But when Prudence's brother is killed, they find themselves uniting to track down the traitorous murderer. And while death lurks within the shadowy world of espionage, there is also passion... and the unbidden thrill of a seduction!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 3.50