Age of Innocence

Mad Duchesses 3

I initially requested this book in the hopes of reading something refreshing. Although I am not a fan of Cougars, I thought this book would change my idea to that certain trope. Plus, with this being an Erotica romance, I was expecting to be blown away.

Unfortunately, I didn’t like Ferd at all. He struck me as a male hero with no backbone at all! I understand what the author was going for. She wanted to write an innocent male protagonist, with no experience of sex. But his personality just did not suit me at all.

Lettie’s character was too confusing. She is twice-widowed and is seen as “voluptuous and sensual” and yet she wasn’t smoldering with sex appeal at all! I felt she was trying too much to find a young husband just to satisfy her sexual needs and not her emotional ones.

For me this book really missed the mark. I did not enjoy it at all. I expected to feel the love between Ferd and Lettie but there just wasn’t any attraction between them!

Book Blurb for Age of Innocence

The twice-widowed Duchess of Burnham is thrilled to finally have a fit, younger husband and imagines nights filled with the kind of passion she missed in her first two marriages. Lettie is every man’s dream—voluptuous and sensual.

The Honorable Ferdinand Ford is horrified to learn his family has made a match for him. Marriage is the last thing he wants. Ferd is the consummate man about town, except he has a secret—he has very little experience with women and has taken great pains to avoid them. Experienced Lettie is all that he fears.

Lettie might be a little mad to pin all her hopes for happiness on a man who doesn’t want her for a wife, but she hopes that nights in her bed will convince him she is a wife worth having.

A Romantica® Regency historical erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 2.50