A Wife by Accident

The Accidental Wife is a romantic book about finding love in a precarious situation. Due to an unfortunate accident involving a watch and a sharp heel, Hayley now owes the handsome billionaire $12,000. On top of having an evil boss who is looking for any excuse to fire her, she must now become a fake bride to this stoic yet charming man.

The premise of this book is one which I highly enjoyed. I love situations where our heroine and handsome suitor are thrust onto one another and go from unwilling participants to head over heels can't live without one another. However, I do not like for that to happen within the flick of a switch. I felt like Hayley and Gary came about it too easily. I enjoy books with a little more roundabout before the couple realizes they are in love. I like a little denial, then a littler pursuit. In this book, everything that happened to them to keep them apart was solved too easily and made it feel even more unreal.

There were some laugh out loud moments and at some points I would smile to myself while reading. But I was disappointed. This book could have been so much more. Victoria Ashe definitely has talent and I don't expect books to be perfect, but there where way too many imperfections that I just couldn't overlook.

Book Blurb for A Wife by Accident

She wasn't looking for trouble,
which is why she ran smack into it.

Hayely Black has cut herself off from her wealthy parents, determined to make it on her own. Then one misstep leads her into more than one kind of crunch. Stuck in a dead-end job and now indebted to Nevada's most eligible bachelor, Hayely agrees to an arrangement she never would have considered before.

Gary Tarleton, self-made bazillionnaire, has lived with the secrets of his past all his adult life, and within those secrets is a childhood dream all the money in the world can't fulfill. As he looks at charming Hayely, he sees the answer to a prayer - and the possibility of the kind of family he thought he'd never have. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.25