When You Wish Upon a Duke

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When You Wish Upon a Duke

Wylder Sisters, #1

Within the very first chapter, I was drawn into the story. A seemingly effortless pacing and scene transition helped to keep my attention rapt on this story of strangers in arranged marriage finding love. There is no extreme plotline or necessarily a villain unless you count the gossipmongers of the London Ton, propriety restrictions, numerous misunderstandings, and the hero's own tortured soul as the enemies. Through trial and error with many apologies and wishes made along the way, Lady Charlotte and her Duke quickly learn that marriage is not easy and requires a lot of work especially when the Duke's family legacy leaves much to overcome and the Lady's honor is at stake. The drama is believable and the emotion is heartfelt, which makes it easy to become involved with the characters and root for them to surpass the struggles and vulnerability of trust and intimacy in a marriage.

The gentleman March is at first read a bit unremarkable other than his handsome profile and generous title. His true depth lies within his lineage and the scandalous and tragic events that have shaped the reserved man he has become. March's “uncomfortably shy” demeanor towards women takes a drastic turn upon first meeting Charlotte. Her outgoing personality and independent spirit make's her even more wildly desirable in March's eyes, but he is fearful at the same time of the feelings she elicits. Charlotte definitely has her work cut out for her in convincing March that acting upon those feelings is not necessarily a bad thing. I absolutely enjoyed witnessing the growth and development of these two characters and how it translates into their marriage. Historical romance fans will enjoy it too!

Her parents had the kind of marriage she desperately wished to have...

Raised in the country and away from society's demands and prying eyes, Charlotte Wylder and her sisters live a meaningful life of love with their mother while still dealing with the tragic death of their father. However, Charlotte's father wanted so much more for her than becoming a country spinster and had arranged a match with the son of a Duke. The arrangement may have come as a surprise, but Charlotte takes it all in sensible stride as is her duty as a proper young lady to marry someone of worth. Neither has seen the other, but one look is all it takes to believe that some wishes just might come true. A whirlwind of a betrothal and an exchanging of vows later and the wedding night is soon upon her. Charlotte has had a taste of the passion and desire in her husband, but something is amiss. The frustrations of the bedroom soon boil-over into the light of day and Charlotte soon becomes bound and determined to know her husband and see that he doesn't hold back.

His parents had the kind of marriage he desperately wished to never have...

The Duke of Marchbourne quite literally fell for Lady Charlotte even before proper introductions could be made. Having been anxious to meet his soon-to-be bride, March is unprepared for their first visit and even more unprepared for the Lady herself. He is resolved to be the respectable and genteel husband and lover that Charlotte deserves, but she is too much temptation. He has tried his best to uphold a higher standard than those who came before him with their rakish attitudes and scandalous pasts. He's holding back and while Charlotte continues to do her best to be the dutiful and proper wife, she is miserable and for that so is he. With their new marriage in a slightly weakened state, this leaves room for others to make moves that could inevitably break them apart. March is determined to not let this happen and may have to finally let down his guard and offer his wife his heart.

Book Blurb for When You Wish Upon a Duke

In a sparkling new series filled with irresistible charm and sizzling romance, award-winning author Isabella Bradford introduces us to the eldest of three Wylder sisters—unruly country girls whose passion for life leaves their London suitors breathless.

Raised in the Dorset countryside, Lady Charlotte Wylder doesn’t care one bit about well-bred decorum. The dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty would rather ride a horse than attend a stuffy ball. So when Charlotte learns that she is to leave immediately for London to wed the Duke of Marchbourne, a perfect model of aristocratic propriety, she is less than enchanted with her arranged marriage.

But to her delight, their first encounters are brazenly flirtatious, and their wedding night burns with passion. March’s broad shoulders and dark countenance make Charlotte want to rip every button off his waistcoast. She may even be falling in love with her new husband. Yet whenever their desire boils over, March reluctantly pushes Charlotte away. Will past secrets and present misunderstandings mire their marriage in scandal, or serve to strengthen a bond that is destined to last a lifetime?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.50