Tony's Haven

Sherman Family Series Book 2

“One minute she was just this woman I worked with, the next, she was this woman I couldn't go an hour without seeing.”

At first glance, Tony might seem like an entitled playboy and is often referred to as “Golden Boy Sherman”, but underneath the false exterior is a wealth of insecurities and a very protective nature. Tony plays into the false perception because risking exposure would grant needless worry from his family. Those concerns that had started when he was much younger during one fateful night have shaped the man he has become. Now with the mask firmly in place for some time, he goes about life watching his family from the sidelines never expecting to be so thoroughly knocked off kilter by a single mom looking for a promotion. She's the complete opposite of everything he's ever wanted, but she's seems to be exactly what he needs.

Have has worked hard to achieve all that she has, which to some people may not amount to much, but her priorities are firmly in place. When the opportunity to advance at work comes up, she decides that it is her time to step-up and get noticed. Her appearance notwithstanding, Haven is confident that her hard work will speak for itself that is until they send Anthony “Golden Boy” Sherman to her cubicle. She's heard the rumblings around the water cooler and is determined not to become another groupie or a laughing stock for his amusement. It is when she sees him in business action that she realizes how very wrong everyone's perception is and quickly finds herself attracted to the one man who wouldn't possibly feel the same.

I didn't find this story to be as dramatic as the first and on the same token it was not nearly as frustrating to witness the inevitable ups and downs of Tony and Haven's relationship. In fact, Haven is a much more likeable heroine because her personality is so completely down-to-earth and she has physical flaws much like what most women can relate to. Tony is surprisingly not the charmingly aloof guy he is somewhat made out to be in the first story and his womanizing ways is a huge facade to the big softy underneath. I didn't have to grow to like either character, it just seemed to happen from the beginning and increased as the true depth of their characters is revealed.

This story really does captivate as the two get to know each other and the Sherman family continues its meddling ways with surprising reactions to the unlikely pair. The range of emotion in the dialogue is just the same as I enjoyed from the first and the update on Hunter and J.C. is a wonderful treat. The author has such great quality in her writing that I really cannot wait to read the next story in the Sherman family drama. Readers who enjoy contemporary dramas with lots of heat should definitely not miss this fantastic series!

Book Blurb for Tony's Haven

Tony Sherman may be a modern day Adonis and a well-known ladies' man, but hiding beneath his carefree, playboy persona is a man who knows how to be discreet. He keeps his desire to protect all those he loves from being seen by anyone, particularly his family. Fate intervenes when he uses his charm to beg a favor from a co-worker, a women as unaffected by his charisma as she is by his looks.

Haven Pelletier is anything but the kind of woman usually found on Tony's arm or in his bed. She's mousy and rubenesque, unmoved by his Adonis appearance. But when circumstances bring them together, she sees right through his tarnished armor-to the true man underneath.

As Haven learns more about Tony, she discovers a man who might just steal her heart if she lets him. Can Tony be the knight in shining armor Haven needs? Or will the secrets in his past keep them both from finding happiness?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50