The Renfield Syndrome

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The Renfield Syndrome

Rhiannon's Law, #2

“I was consumed by the fears of a girl who continued to exist in the woman who had outgrown her.”

In order to stop the horrors of the future from coming to pass Rhiannon must face her own demons – and a few flesh and blood ones too.

It shouldn't have been possible, but when dealing with demons anything goes, so when Rhiannon finds herself 101 years into the future, her only thought and purpose was to get back to the present. However, at every turn in this new reality she is accosted by one horrible realization after another and if she ever thought the future looked bleak before, she had no idea how depressing it could actually be. With this new information comes the responsibility Rhiannon feels in putting a stop to an existence that is less appealing than death. And in this fight to save the future, knowledge may be power, but once known it cannot be unknown no matter how ugly or irrevocably life changing the truth might be.

This was essentially a bittersweet kind of story for the reader and for Rhiannon. Her journey throughout is full of purpose and belief in that things can change if only she can turn back time. It's the choices that are made while Rhiannon is away that affects the present and how emotionally unprepared she is for the fallout. A lot of old wound are reopened, but her strength of character never waned and the snarky personality we've come to know and expect is still in play if not a bit subdued by the change of events that occur. Many of the characters both new and old are exposed of truths that reshape the reality of many situations. Hostile takeovers, messing with fate, and betrayals of every degree are just the tip of the iceberg that consistently reshapes the story until the very end. The suspense almost kills, but grips the reader with the story's high octane action with gritty and raw details.

By the end I was emotionally wrung out and battle weary over what Rhiannon went through, but my resolve to see her in the next book hardened over Ms. Saare's wonderful ability to keep me guessing. Her plotline is brilliantly complex and the writing is phenomenal. I am without a doubt ready for more of Ms. Saare's special kind of torture in the next installment. Just be prepared for the expected “to be continued” that comes with a story that just cannot be contained within two books. It's a small price to pay for an unforgettable story.

Book Blurb for The Renfield Syndrome

The future can be altered, but the side effects can be hell.

Rhiannon’s Law, Book 2

Rhiannon believed a deranged child vampire was the most dangerous adversary she’d ever face, until she discovers something far worse. Sent forward in time, she hopes to deliver a message to her vampire lover, Disco, that will break the bargain she was forced to make with the demon Zagan. Until she finds reality altered almost beyond recognition.

Humans are nearly extinct, killed by a vaccine that was supposed to protect them from the effects of a bloodsucker’s bite. The few who have survived are now dominated by vampires. Worse, she finds that in this reality, there is no one she can trust.

Nearly crushed by loss and betrayal, she shifts focus from severing the old debt against Zagan, to exacting revenge—with consequences she never fathomed. Only by reaching deep into the darkness within her can she hope to find the strength to fight for her life against creatures that want her dead and buried.

Warning: Contains werewolves with wandering hands, vampires with a new thirst for blood, demons with serious issues, and a foul-mouthed heroine who refuses to become a damsel in distress.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 5.00