Take What You Want

It wasn’t easy for Ellen Price to come out of her studiously, shy shell and live her life out loud like most college students. Instead she remained in the back of the classroom and for the most part went unnoticed. Well finally, she’s had enough of just existing while others dress how they want, act how they want, and go after what they want. She’s always done what was expected, but this time she’s going to do the unexpected and surprise even herself by dumping pre-med Ellen for someone a little more brazen. And she’s starting with the guy at the bar who has no idea what’s about to hit him when Ellen decides to take what she wants.

It’s the start of spring break and Josh Markley is attempting to drink it and his troubles away at the campus watering hole. While other students are out celebrating the break from studying, Josh contemplates his future. The one that’s been picked out for him by his father and yet it’s not the one he wants. He too has always done what was expected of him and allowed his complacent, quiet demeanor to mean his acceptance with the direction of his life. Then one night the unexpected happens and a smart and sexy woman picks him up in a bar and it’s clear her intent is to get him into bed and soon enough it also becomes clear she has no idea who is either. Josh makes a quick decision to keep the charade going while they boldly take what they want from each other. But when the truth comes out will he get to keep what he wants and ask for more?

The story sets a fast pace from the beginning with what appears to be a random bar hook-up between two people. Problem is Josh recognizes Ellen and has been admiring her from afar for the last few years. Ellen, on the other hand, is so far removed from her surroundings even in the classroom, that she believes this to be an anonymous one-night stand. It was interesting to read the differing POV’s and it was needed in order to understand Ellen’s withdrawal from social norms and Josh’s own nerdy and slight awkwardness. The story feels a bit too short to fully explore either character, but it gets the job done with many a scene dedicated to their uninhibited intimacy. The Ellen who sits in the back of the classroom and the Josh with the geeky glasses are nowhere to be found during those spicy moments. It’s just two people with obvious chemistry and attraction satisfying long-denied physical needs. It was hot to say the least.

The title of the story is very appropriate to the theme of how both of the main characters are finally at that point in their life where sitting idly by is no longer an option. So they finally decide to take what they want and in return got so much more. It was at times relatable, cute, sexy, and definitely worth the read. A nice pick for those readers who enjoy or haven’t yet tried the New Adult genre.

Book Blurb for Take What You Want

She needs an escape…and he’s exactly what she had in mind.

College senior Ellen Price spends every spare minute studying to get into medical school. Until spring break yawns before her, as empty as her wallet.

With no money to hit the beach, she fills her empty to-do list with a plan: for just one week, she will become the kind of take-no-prisoners woman she secretly wishes to be, starting with the hot guy at the bar. It's a no-risk situation: at the end of break, he’ll head back to his campus, and she’ll go back to hers. No muss, no fuss.

At first, Josh Markley isn’t sure what to think when the quiet, intense beauty from his pre-med classes approaches him for a night of casual sex. Even more mystifying, she doesn’t seem to return his recognition. But if she wants to play “strangers in a bar”, he’s game.

Their passionate night is a welcome respite from life’s stress, but afterward, Josh realizes he wants more—from himself, from life, from Ellen. Except she still thinks he’s a one-off she’ll never see again. Confessing the truth now—before she figures it out on her own—could shatter the fragile beginnings of just what the doctor ordered. A forever love.

Warning: Contains mistaken identities, a sometimes-glasses-wearing hottie, deep questions about figuring out what you want from life, and a red-hot college romance.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50