Silver Bella

In this sweet and sexy short we get the story of an unlikely pairing between a model and a cowboy. The model in this case isn't your typical skinny model either, she's petite with curves to match and she's caught the attention of one very big, rich Texas cowboy with a drawl to match. The chemistry between these two is instantaneous, but lacked a bit of that connection for the reader. The plot isn't very suspenseful, but I really liked the idea and wished it would have been further developed. The pacing and dialogue were slightly awkward, but still a cute story to be read in one sitting.

Bella's bad girl persona has kept her on the top of her modeling game for a while, but the personal cost was more than she could've fathomed. The string of tabloid reports and rumors has hindered her dating life in finding a quality man who would look to the woman she is and not just to her looks. At the height of the ice queen scandal her ex spread, Bella's career is in jeopardy as the damage of the rumors spreads to her designer boss. It was suggested that Bella go and get her bad girl on to bolster her sensual image, but her hidden virgin status needs to be dealt with first. Not a problem when a handsome cowboy with mesmerizing eyes walks into the room and leaves her feeling all sorts of bad girl tingly. But is her first time meant to be short term or could this cowboy be the one? Only if he can look past her bad girl reputation first.

Book Blurb for Silver Bella

She is the only thing he wants to unwrap.

Bella Jackson models clothes only the most sexually confident woman would dare to wear. But there’s a secret hiding behind the bad-girl reputation and barely there couture. Under the covers, she’s a total novice.

At least it was a secret. Not anymore, thanks to an ex’s blabbing. Now she’s been branded with a potentially career-ending label: Ice Queen.

Only years of practice keep the nerves at bay, and her signature walk rock steady—until a tall, sexy Texan’s gaze fixes like a laser beam on her scantily clad body. And her stiletto heels miss a step.

From the moment Jake Barton locks eyes with the smoking-hot woman on the catwalk, he knows it’s only a matter of time. He never expected the heat between them to melt away her aloof façade before they’ve even touched, revealing the vulnerable woman underneath.

Suddenly he realizes he wants more than a roll in the hay. Now to convince her to take a chance on Texas—and him—before their fragile relationship is bulldozed by tabloid lies and innuendo.

This book has been previously published.

Warning: Contains a sexy, green-eyed, Texas oilman who knows what he wants. And a career-driven model who wants like mad to give it to him…all wrapped up in a skimpy bow.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50