Silent Partner

Body language is a powerful thing. Whether it be moving to the beat out on a dance floor or moving to a more intimate beat during the most primal of dances. Thought and the spoken word is oftentimes unnecessary during these moments in order for people to connect. It's about the movement and the feeling that is created. In this story Grayson and Chloe present the perfect example of how actions can speak louder than words.

Grayson is looked upon as being arrogant and over-confident. It's predictable that he wouldn't think twice about having a one-night stand. For most people the visual he presents make up for those unattractive traits, but looks can be deceiving. He is business savvy, commonly routine, and a clean-freak. When he meets Chloe, he sees right through the exterior and focuses on the sensual woman hidden beneath. He finds his artistic match and a new sort of dance begins.

Chloe is a very sensible and thoughtful character. Her mind is like a sparring match between her thoughts and actions. She tends to over-analyze every move she makes fearing what others might think. However, she is by no means a shy person and is determinedly independent. Her profession allows her to be creative while also giving her the peace of mind to be herself. When she meets Grayson, she decides to step out of her comfort zone and indulge in the feelings he arouses.

The physical attraction is without question, but after one impulsive night together, everything changes. Grayson becomes determined and Chloe deals with feelings she knows aren't practical. They are unexpectedly, yet passionately drawn to each other and shocked by ultimate discoveries.

Ms. Vincent's writing has the unique ability of capturing both the reader's heart and mind. The emotional investment in the characters starts from the beginning. You'll want things for them that you might never have otherwise thought about wanting for someone so fiercely. As the story builds, so does Grayson and Chloe's indescribable chemistry. They may feel like they come from two different worlds, but they couldn't be more compatible. The contemporary setting makes it that much easier to envision the characters and environment as the story unfolds. The title is very fitting with a few different meanings behind it, which are revealed throughout the story. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about this story and would love to see it become a movie.

Another highly recommended read by Renee Vincent!

Book Blurb for Silent Partner

Grayson Anders has it all. He’s the co-owner of a happening nightclub in downtown Boston, he’s wealthy, and women practically throw themselves at his feet the moment he steps on the dance floor. But profiting from these obvious benefits is not his desire. His passion is dancing and he wants nothing more than to find the perfect dance partner.

Chloe LaRoche is a talented artist, but a failing entrepreneur. Her once thriving studio is now on the brink of foreclosure and unless she paints the next Van Gogh Starry Night, she’ll have to cut her losses and say goodbye to her quaint little gallery. Fearing her career is at an end, she drags herself to the local hotspot, determined to drown her worries in the bottom of a shot glass. At least that was the plan…until she lays eyes on a wickedly sexy, swarthy dancer in the club—Grayson Anders.

Unable to resist, Chloe finds herself in Grayson’s arms, indulging on a passionate, out-of-control, one night stand. And when both awaken the next morning, they are consumed with inspiration.

Grayson finds his perfect dance partner and Chloe finally finds her muse. But will her secret destroy both their dreams?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00