Satisfying Her Tastes

Uninhibited in Apple Trail, Arkansas

He came to Apple Trail to escape from the person he used to be, while she came back to Apple Trail to reconnect with who she once was.

Grant is tired of living life in the fast lane with soon forgotten women. He's looking for stability and reuniting with his brother's in Apple Trail, but first he's got to set-up a home and entice them to the town. Once accomplished, he's looking forward to finding Ms. Right and settling down to start the family his mother never got the chance to see. Regrets aside, he's made a plan and he's going to stick to it, that is until he see's Rebecca. One look and he knows she's trouble and someone the old Grant would very much like, but he doesn't want another notch on his bedpost. He's decided that he's going to get to know her mind first and then after he's earned it - her body. He's hesitant with Rebecca, not sure if she's the type of woman you'd bring home to your mother, but his body won't deny her.

She might be labeled the wild child (among other not so nice names) to the rest of the town, but she's never had to actually live up to any of her unwarranted reputation. So when Grant wants to take her up on what she's offering, Rebecca freezes unsure of how to proceed next. The sexy, carefree, spirited woman has been an act that up until recently she hasn't had to actually prove. Over the course of their temporary relationship, dramatic changes are made that neither anticipated until it was time to part ways, but will they be bold enough to say what they want out loud?

The advantage of Grant and Rebecca's relationship is that they are complete strangers to one another and Grant has decided to place no weight on the town gossip surrounding Rebecca. They are both able to come to the relationship as the person they want to be without a polluted past to battle or prejudgments set against them. They get along great physically, but are unsure of how to proceed with the rest. With much of the focus on these two characters, the reader really gets to know them and connect with them. It made the intimate and emotional moments that much more intense.

This one out of all of the series so far, is the one I really wanted to see have a longer ending. However, after reading Ms. Ford will be doing a trilogy based on Grant's triplet older brothers thereby updating us on Grant and Rebecca, I am a bit relieved. Besides, the brother's sound like delicious fun, so I'm sure they'll make for some excellent reading.

Readers who have yet to get lost in Apple Trail, Arkansas should absolutely pick up this series. They don't have to be read in order, but once you start you'll be hooked.

Book Blurb for Satisfying Her Tastes

Blondes have more fun? Pfft. Bad Girls have more fun. Rebecca Gabel was accused of being a bad girl and she discovered life was easier (and more fun!) to live up to the reputation than try to deny it. But now with a new comer who’s taking her up on her suggestions, Rebecca is a little out of her element. There’s talking the talk…and then there’s having to walk it.

Grant Iverson recently inherited land from his mother, so he’s arrived in Apple Trail, Arkansas to check the place out and see if there are any treasures hidden there. What he doesn’t expect to find is a woman full of curves and a mouth of pure sin, but whose eyes reflect nothing but curious innocence.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00