Mark of the Sylph

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Mark of the Sylph

Demons of Infernum, #2

"Every worthy hero must make a sacrifice."

You'd think being a rare, magic-sensitive human would be a good thing, but for Maya Flores the ability is only a constant reminder of what she has lost. Seeing through the glamour that disguises the creatures walking in our midst has made Maya believe that they are a danger to humans and must be eliminated. This leaves her ignorant of their human attributes and contributions to a society that most want to be a part of. Their inherent danger is all Maya see's and has trained herself into leading a double-life. By day, she's a college student and librarian, but by night a fierce warrior emerges out to defend humankind and seek vengeance for the family she lost. On what was to be a night like any demon-hunting other, Maya comes face-to-face with one cocky demon who shakes up everything she's ever believed in.

For Taeg, it was lust at first sight and he thought he could charm her into feeling the same, but when it became clear she'd rather slice off his head, he knew there was something more to Maya Flores than just curves in all the right places. Regardless, Taeg's priorities dictate that he must remain focused on the goal and obtain Maya using any means necessary. However, Taeg didn't expect Maya to tempt and charm him with her sassy attitude and menacing threats. She proves to not only be incredibly gifted, but a fierce warrior with her own inner-demon battle. Choosing not to get involved quickly becomes not an option and Taeg finds his priorities have mixed-up. Sacrifice is something neither can afford, but the temptation is undeniable.

I knew going in to reading this story that I was in for an adventure with Taeg. This demon has some serious depth outside of his playboy image. And while Maya has seen and been through a lot, she still maintains an adorable innocence that I believe works wonderfully in taming the wild man that is Taeg. I think Maya says it best when describing him as.

`The man was the most infuriating mixture of gentleman and rake.'

Maya feels like a fish out of water as Taeg shows her the Other side of the world she lives in and not only confirms some of her greatest nightmares, but awakens Maya's innate womanly desires. He breaks down her armor, but in doing so exposes himself. Their verbal and physical assaults are frustrating (because we know what boils beneath), but true to character and leads to some intense and well-written erotic moments between them.

Although some questions still linger for me (details, details), the action, suspense, romance, sex, mystery, and charming characters more than made up for it. I enjoyed Keegan and Brynn's appearances in the story and the tone their relationship has set in the household. Things are still dire, but life continues for these bounty-hunting brother's and their growing family. I'm looking forward to getting to know more about Ronin and Dagan.

Paranormal romance readers should definitely hop on his thrill-ride of a series and meet some of the sexiest Demons of Infernum you will ever meet.

Book Blurb for Mark of the Sylph

Half-demon Taeg is desperate to free his pregnant sister-in-law, who is spellbound to an indestructible book that will create an army of the undead. He is convinced that an ancient sword can destroy the book and the spell forever, but this relic has been hidden for millennia by a powerful glamour. The clock begins to run out on his search when an old rival goes after the book and Teag's family in his quest for revenge.

Librarian Maya Flores has a secret: she's immune to magic and is well aware of the supernatural beings prowling the streets of New York City. Haunted by a brutal demon attack that took her family, she is on a one-woman mission to destroy the evil demons who did it and any others who get in her way.

Maya is Taeg's best hope for uncovering the sword. Unfortunately, she wants nothing more than to kill him. As he fights for her trust and to save his family, she is forced to face the truth that not all demons are evil. And the worst part? She might be falling in love with one, too.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50