Lycan King

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Lycan King

Lycan Legend

Eve has no intention of leaving Drago's castle without her daughter and will do whatever she must to secure her freedom. What she didn't expect was the confusing initial reaction she has to the Lycan King. She knows he believes her to be a vile creature, but his actions and words belie that belief. When Eve is forced to temporarily stay at his castle for the health and safety of her daughter, she knows the best course of action is to steer clear of the Lycan King.

Drago can't believe how much the female vampire has turned his world upside down. From the moment he meets her, Drago finds himself in a constant state of confusion, arousal, and anger without an end in sight. She contradicts everything he believed about vampires and makes him feel things he never thought he could. Ultimately she consumes his every thought and his goal to infiltrate Balkathan's lair becomes complicated as the truth is revealed.

In this second story to the Lycan Legend series, we are immediately drawn to the battle of wills between the Lycan king and a vampire mother looking for her daughter. Drago is without question alpha in every sense of the word, but with more of a commanding presence due to his kingship status. Fierce is what best describes Eve and the combination of fierceness as a warrior and a mother is well played in the story. Their forbidden attraction turns hot fast and before either of them know it their prejudices of Lycan and vampire is called into question.

It is not necessary to read the first in the series in order to understand and enjoy this story. The pacing is quick and mostly covers Eve and Drago's progress, but their relationship didn't always feel believable. However, the story is a good read and fans of paranormal romance should definitely check out this author's work.

Book Blurb for Lycan King

Lycans and vampires do not mate.

When Eve, a beautiful vampire, journeys to King Drago’s castle, she doesn’t expect the contempt and dislike the king shows her. He wants her off his royal grounds because he doesn’t want to place his people in harm’s way with her vile thirst. Vampires are evil, he says, ruled by the devil, feeding off innocents to survive. Eve doesn’t care what he thinks. She has arrived at his castle for one reason. She wants her daughter.

Drago, a two-hundred-year-old Lycan King, cannot explain the lust heating his loins for this undead beauty. She has the face of an angel, yet she splays her sword like a warrior and fights like his best royal guard. In time, it is more than her beauty and fighting skills that interests him. It is her courage and bravery, her compassion and honour that makes him realise he may have done her a great injustice calling her evil. He soon discovers he is lusting after her like no other because she is his one, his soul mate. How can that be? He knows of no Lycan in existence who has ever claimed a vampire.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50