“… it’s time Sean saw you for the woman you are and not his little sister.”

Problem is Sean has never seen Sydney as his little sister. She’s been anything but that to him and someone he has tried emphatically to push away. Only the haunting words from his father of “hands off” has kept his person in check, but the desire for her rages now more than ever. Sean decides it’s time to put the past behind them and see if Sydney’s willing to look at a future together.

Sydney’s start in life consists of an orphaned upbringing and foster homes. She has seen and experienced plenty making her far wiser than her age. Fortunately, her last foster home assignment made her a part of their family and yet with Sean, she experiences emotions that no “little sister” should have. Believing he sees her as nothing more has many times turned her longing into anger, so their relationship has always bordered a love/hate intensity. It is while on a vacation that to her surprise and confusion, Sean is saying and doing things that no brother should, but what does it mean.

This is an incredible read full of heat and believable characters with a storyline that ended all too soon. Sydney is a frustrated character and I adored Sean’s possessiveness. Although both characters are unsure, they forge ahead in anger, which leads to an explosion of passion and unexpected discoveries of intense feelings. I enjoyed the slightly taboo aspect of their relationship and would love to have seen this explored a bit more with respect to how they handle their everyday lives and the people in them moving forward. Overall, the story was still quite enjoyable. Readers who enjoy getting straight to the heart of a story with lots of sizzling action should definitely check out Irresistible.

Book Blurb for Irresistible

It’s a thin line between love and hate. When it shatters, watch out…

As a teen, Sydney Boyle’s crush on her foster parents’ son—despite their six-year age difference—brought her nothing but heartache. So she did what any smart girl would do: feigned indifference.

Keeping her distance is pretty tough, now that Sean is the head of the family publishing company. Forced into close contact, denying her long-suppressed attraction is getting harder by the day.

As Sydney grew from a shy, sweet teen to a mind-numbing beauty, Sean could only stand by and watch, his father’s warning ringing in his ears. Hands off.

But now they’re both adults. And it won’t be long before he ends one of their daily, nose-to-nose office arguments by just hauling off and kissing her.

Cue the snow, some close dancing, and a steaming Jacuzzi in a mountain cabin, and things take a turn for the hot and steamy. But giving in to temptation could mean one of them can never go home again…

Warning: Lesson in How to Make a Man Stand Up and Take Notice: take one tight red sweater, add some sexy two-stepping with a few hot cowboys, rub, twirl, wiggle and…stand back and let the pissing contest begin.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00