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"A therian-vampire mating? No way. Talk about blasphemy..."

His job was to kill his mark. As a Therian shape-shifting Assassin, Slade took his job of killing vampires seriously, until an incident forced him underground. Nevertheless, all that changed the day he was propositioned for an undercover mission no Therian has ever done before. Infiltrate the enemy camp with one of the vampire's own as the informant and await further instruction. The reward would be the return of his revered status. However, the deeper he gets into the vampire world, the more he begins to understand them. With a beautifully, intelligent vampire as his guide through vampire culture, he also begins to desire someone he can never have. Unfortunately, a war is brewing and a side must be chosen, but the adventure has only just begun as enemies working together begin an ultimate double-cross game.

Dylan has poured her heart and soul into ReVamp, which helps struggling vamps with their urges and is responsible for the blood work of the khiss. It's a haven of sorts and making it the success it was meant to be has become her sole purpose in life, but a mysterious suicide and a tainting in the blood supply has shifted her focus. Unanticipated complications begin to arise and the finger of blame is held firmly in Dylan's direction. Now it is up to her to find answers or ReVamp will be shut down and she will be shutout of the khiss. Yet in the same night, she is set to give her report findings she finds herself inexplicably drawn to a newborn set for khiss induction. And if that personal life complication wasn't enough, Dylan has been chosen to perform the sacred, but sometimes deadly Valcdana rite with a mate not of her choosing. Dylan has a week to find out what's tainting the blood or risk being thrown out of the khiss, solve the mystery of the connection between her and the newborn, and prepare to be enlightened by an overbearing vampire for all eternity. Could things get any worse?

The reader enters the story with some heated action already in progress. My attention was immediately captured and kept by the mysteries, the drama, the sexual tension, and the characters throughout the entire story. There was never a moment of boredom as character POV's are consistently switched to give the reader just enough insight into all of the major players without giving away the story and making it completely predictable. If anything, there were moments where the story seemed to jump a bit too far from one chapter to the next without giving enough of juicy details. You have plenty of detailing though on the characters and scene experiences. The world building feels like it's still being fleshed-out since much of it is left up to character destiny's that have yet to be fulfilled. I anticipate the next in the series to continue that build-up.

I would fully recommend this story to readers craving another hit of paranormal romance with vampires and shape-shifter's unlike any you may have read before. These vamps come with some fairly archaic traditions and behaviors as much as they might be technologically advanced. The shape-shifter's known as Therian's are definitely not your basic one trick shifter. They shift into anything they've either seen or heard before, even a vampire, but even they have their limits. It's a powerful combination of strengths and weaknesses with dominating hierarchies already in place. All of this and there are a few deliciously steamy sex scenes to look forward to as well.

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Book Blurb for Intervamption

Slade, a fallen assassin, has been given a second chance. Called back into action by his boss for an unknown task, Slade must become what he hates the most: a vampire. When he awakens in a rehabilitation center for “newborn” vampires, an instant attraction ignites between him and his sexy vamp teacher, Dylan, who’s been assigned to show him the ropes. Dylan's orderly life blew up recently when a rogue vampire killed himself right before her eyes. Forced to question everything they've known, Dylan and Slade have no choice but to trust in each other, while mayhem ensues around them.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50