Action-packed, dangerous, sexy, and romantic - with words like those you'll definitely want to check out this new short by Mel Teshco.

Ducati riding, leather-clad Alexia is about to go on the ride of her life after leaving her father's burial service. The misgivings and unanswered questions surrounding her father's apparent suicide drive her to hunt down the one man she knows can set the public memory of her father to rights. One look at Blake is all it takes to change everything, but before she can get answers they must first dodge the bullets being aimed at them.

After reading an excerpt, I was definitely excited to dive right in to this story only to be stopped a bit short by the page length. Ms. Teshco packs a lot into this story, but perhaps more length would've better fleshed out the characters and their individual stories. Regardless, it is enjoyable and leaves me wanting more of these characters, so my hope is that Ms. Teshco has plans to continue this story. If readers like their paranormal romance with a healthy dose of mystery and an instantaneous whirlwind romance, then this story is a must read!

Originally reviewed in 2012. Re-issued review to go along with the reissued release of this book.

Book Blurb for Scratch

Alexia Leigh is determined to prove big-cat shape-shifters exist. But she never expected Blake Powell, the key to the shifter race, to rescue and seduce her-never expected to want him like he's her last damned breath! She's never experienced such raw pleasure, has forgotten what it is to truly feel alive. And now she is torn between him and the proof she needs.

Originally titled: Identity Shift

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.75