Holiday Affair

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Holiday Affair

Lissy has issues concerning her mother’s choice and taste in men. These issues have extended towards her trust in not only men in general, but to a little thing called love. For her, it doesn’t exist so any chance of a life partnership with someone of the opposite sex will be a sensible commitment based on a mutual respect. After the passing of her grandfather, Lissy takes a holiday to sort through her emotions and relax with a little sightseeing before heading back to work. But by the holiday’s end, her emotions are even more conflicted and the hot affair with a mysterious drifter doesn’t set well. However, she trudges on home leaving the whole confusing encounter behind – or so she thought.

Nick is ready to finish his research project and once the paper is published set sail to escape the everyday complications of life and the pressure from his family to settle down. His plan seemed solid until an encounter with a mysterious woman while on holiday leaves him confused and shaken his belief that love doesn’t exist for him. His brief respite lasts only as long as it takes for him to go home where the mystery woman has not only dazzled his family, but firmly implanted herself in his life as both neighbor and research assistant. Nick craves a physical relationship with Lissy, but trust has complicated everything and then there’s his brother to consider…

The beginning of the story is filled with coincidences for this couple, so the set-up for the rest of the story is a bit predictable. The chemistry between Lissy and Nick is physically electrifying, but their stubborn personalities block any sort of relationship from forming. They both have the same idea that they are compatible in the ‘love’em and leave’em’ department, but deep down they don’t really believe what they say to each other. Instead of acknowledging the truth, they let the past or someone else’s mistakes define them and hide behind bitter personas full of contradiction. Overall, it made connecting with both characters a bit difficult. The secondary characters are interesting and left me wanting to learn more about them.

The ending came about rather rushed and little unresolved considering all the mixed emotions and commitment issues both Lissy and Nick have. Although lacking in heat and dramatic flair, it is enjoyable for contemporary romance readers looking for a story of a one-night stand gone wrong and then eventually made right.

Book Blurb for Holiday Affair

Staid professor Lissy McIntyre believes that choosing a mate should be based on common sense, not runaway passion. And she would certainly never pick a rolling stone like Nick Richards for long-term love. But a red-hot, tropical romance? Oh, yeah. He’s got a body just made for sinning and his sizzling kisses leave her senseless.

When Nick blows into town, he’s stunned to discover that his no-nonsense new neighbor and co-worker is the same sultry creature he seduced for one night of forbidden island pleasure. He’s unaccustomed to staying in one place for long, but he just can’t seem to keep his hands off the multi-faceted woman. Will Nick break loyal Lissy’s heart or will she be the one woman he simply can’t walk away from?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50