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A quite interesting concept with an enjoyable execution. I loved the idea of an underground Society made of Sorcerer’s, Catalysts, and Seers fighting the good fight against the over-glamorized and extremely dangerous Fae. The story feels like a cross between Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland only in a very twisted and sexual way. It surpasses mere steaminess and entered into much more graphic territory than what I was expecting. Alicia and Edward enjoy exploring each other and testing the heights of their newfound passion in some very sexy ways. The writing is much more fluid and wonderfully descriptive during these scenes as well. My annoyance in Edward's at times cocky and arrogant attitude was the unavoidable turn-off when he laughed at Alicia's innocence and unbridled passionate interest. For me the chuckling didn't really serve a purpose, so I was a little put off by it. Alicia was much more balanced even while trying to figure out what she truly wants after having been mind-locked for most of her life. The rest of the cast maintain an air of mystery that begs to be revealed in a story of their own, but I was satisfied that they weren't a dominating factor in this one.

However, as much as I wanted to be absorbed by the storyline and really invest in the characters, I was a tad disappointed to find that I could break from the story without an immediate compulsion to return. For that I would have to say that there wasn't enough action for this magically mysterious plot and the uninhibited and voyeuristic sex scenes seemed a bit out of place in the storyline. Just when it seemed like things were picking up speed and my attention became riveted to the developments unfolding, the story rushed to the finish line and left me wanting. Still a solid story for the historical romance and uninhibited erotic reader.

Alicia is awake, but without feeling in an emotional sense. As a child a strong enchantment was placed on her with a purpose no one could have guessed. Now a woman past her Season and considered frigid by the Ton, she has been proposed to by the highly sought after Lord Carstairs. How does Alicia feel about the match? Well nothing really until she's caught in a most compromising situation to which Carstairs takes full advantage. Unfortunately, she can't remember what happened until she is duped into a repeat performance. This time a breakthrough of magical proportions occurs that will forever change Alicia's life, but it ignites a powerful connection between her and her rescuer.

It was to be a simple marriage born of necessity and convenience, but what Carstairs uncovers about his fiance is anything but simple. When the Society catches wind of Alicia's predicament and potential liability, they leave it to Carstairs to investigate and proceed with caution in breaking her free from her prison. However, Carstairs has an agenda all his own and it's a task he is more than willing to take on especially as it frees them both to explore a passion neither were expecting. Yet the more that is revealed about Alicia's past the more perilous the future becomes when the Fae King is involved. Now Carstairs must decide between doing his duty as a member of the Society and doing what his heart desires most or die trying.

Book Blurb for Fascinated

Pleasure was an elusive dream…

Alicia Hartwell has never experienced the pleasure of passion. Despite all her efforts to comprehend the notion of romantic love, it has remained an utterly foreign concept to her. Resigned to the life of a spinster, Alicia is therefore stunned when she receives a marriage proposal from the highly eligible bachelor, Lord Carstairs.

…until she met him.

But Lord Edward Carstairs is not a normal nobleman. He’s a Catalyst—able to draw magical power from the natural world to use in spells by human Sorcerers. He senses that Alicia is a victim of enchantment, one that has suppressed her erotic urges. Powerfully attracted to her, he’s certain that he’s the one to help her experience pleasure for the first time. But as Edward and Alicia’s mutual passion burns hot, their fragile love and trust could be threatened by family secrets, and a new magical intrigue neither imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50