Fall of kNight

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Fall of kNight

kNight Series, #2

A war is brewing, more truths will be revealed, and loyalties must be decided, but Fate's not finished with any of them yet.

Julie and Daniel have weathered many storms together already, but the biggest are still yet to come. With a wedding on the horizon and major life changes headed their way, the couple is tremendously tested. The dreams continue to haunt Julie with eerie premonitions and Daniel is called upon to serve the Lycan Council as a leader in settling the unrest in the clans. Complications continue to escalate as Richard re-enters the picture and tempts Julie while enraging Daniel with his seductive charm. Richard proves to be a vampire on a mission with only one goal - Julie. The turmoil Julie experiences in her confused emotions towards Richard is heightened as she learns more about the man behind the obsession. She finds comfort in the discovery of her mother's family and the knowledge as well as love they provide is invaluable. However, the werewolves are back with a vengeance and a betrayal is revealed that will shake-up the Lycan community.

With every choice made there is a consequence and in the end good will prevail, but at what cost?

The saga continues in this second installment to the kNight series. Ms. Mitchell has a profound way of story telling that is quite poetic. Once again, she takes us on an incredible adventure with mystical beings and spiritual awakenings that enrapture the reader. There are such all-consuming, heart-wrenching emotions tied into this story all seen through Julie's eyes that will make you want to be her and glad that you're not. The realities she faces are unimaginable, yet believable in the riveting world Ms. Mitchell created.

Plenty of humorous moments highlight the story. Amongst my favorite is when Casey, in an attempt to bring Julie out of her depression, takes her to a racetrack where other vampires have gathered. It created a fun and pivotal moment for Julie and Richard and allowed them all to seem normal. As a reader, Richard's appeal and allure are undeniable, and I was pleased with the level of focus he received in this story. I look forward to seeing where Ms. Mitchell decides to take his story.

The level of eroticism and sensuality in the story is turned up a notch and not in the least bit unpleasant. With a fast-paced and intense plotline, and amazing characters with a supernatural twist, it's no wonder this series is highly ranked by so many fan's of this genre. Sadly, I will have to wait to find out what happens next as the third in the series is not due to release until later this year.

T.L. Mitchell is a phenomenal author with an unparalleled series that has huge potential for the silver screen. A highly recommended must read!

Book Blurb for Fall of kNight

Julie Knight thinks her life has become normal for a wolf shapeshifter . She soon finds out the rest is short lived as the werewolves return. The Lycan Clan is on the verge of a Civil war with a new group called The Dark Wolves.

But not only the werewolves have returned, so has the inhumanly beautiful vampire Richard. He's determined to have Julie...one way or another.

Julie and Daniel's love must survive in order to save the Lycan Clans from destruction and save Julie from a vampire who thirsts for more than just her blood.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00