Love Notes

Dallas' rise to fame and fortune hasn't been easy. His determination in becoming a music superstar comes not just from talent, but also heartbreak. Night after night, he performed for thousands of strangers and lost himself in the high of superstardom through drugs, alcohol, and women. Until the day, he literally crashes back into reality. His new sobering existence is somewhat eased by the unexpected reappearance of his brother, Morgan. Now on a new path towards rebuilding his career and image, the last thing he expected was for someone to try to kill him and for his past to walk through the door in an attempt to save him.

Charley has lived a professionally successful life. Her start in the FBI has driven her towards opening her own security firm and giving her the independence she craved. Now having landed in the number one top spot in the business, Charley is still quite surprised when Morgan comes to her office asking for assistance. She's confident that the internal walls she's erected since breaking-up with Dallas will remain strong as long as she remains focused on the job. Drastic times call for drastic measures, but will Charley be too pre-occupied to stop the killer?

Dallas and Charley are both such strong-willed and determined characters, which plays out beautifully with the sexual tension. This couple definitely has amazing chemistry and Ms. Holt does a fantastic job showing it by taking the reader back in time to where it all began, how it ended, and then how it is rekindled. Their story is incredibly moving and will have the reader all tied-up in emotional knots. The sex scenes are intense and will leave the reader both breathless and wanting more. The suspense-filled plot keeps the story moving briskly and is both unpredictable and believable. The story feels complete and worth rereading. This being Ms. Holt's 100th release, it is my extreme pleasure to encourage every reader of romance to pick this one up. It will without a doubt become a fan favorite.

Book Blurb for Downstroke

It’s been twenty years since Charley Roper and Dallas Creed parted with great bitterness. In that time, she’s made a career for herself with the FBI and private security and he’s been a country rock music icon…tumbled to the bottom and risen again. Now someone’s trying to kill him, and Morgan Creed wants Charley to protect his brother and find out who’s after him. When they meet again after all this time it’s obvious the chemistry is still there, stronger than ever. They’re older, but are they wiser? Caught up in the bitter wash of memories and the tension of a killer in stalking mode, Charley and Dallas begin a roller coaster ride that is emotional erotic and suspenseful. Is their love strong enough after twenty years to pull them back together?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.75