Dark of kNight

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Dark of kNight

Our fate is sometimes unfair and our destiny at times unclear, but we must never forget to always have faith.

Julie Knight knows how fortunate her life has been. A successful plastic surgeon for a father has afforded her a comfortable lifestyle and choices in life that many never attain. However, not all is without consequence and the early choices her parents made left Julie without a mother.

After receiving the phone call informing her of her father's death, Julie heads back home from college to find the people she can depend on as family keeping secrets from her. Keeping her emotions under control proves easier than the immediate attraction she feels for the enigmatic Daniel Maxwell. Having his family to fall back on during this difficult time requires a lot of trust and patience, but has provided Julie a safe and loving environment.

When Julie learns of the circumstances surrounding her father's death and the companies in which he was a part of, questions arise. Her determination in seeking answers is evident and the Maxwell's are supportive, but when strange animal attacks occur, their support turns to concern. It's time to tell Julie who and what she really is.

Ms. Mitchell tells this story with an incredible story-telling quality that captures the reader's heart and mind. Julie goes through some really profound personal life lessons that many can relate to, which makes connecting with her easy. Julie is without a doubt an admirable character. Her intelligence, wit, and loving nature is fluidly expressed throughout the story. Since the story is told from Julie's point of view, the reader journeys with her in discovery of her heritage. The romantic development between Julie and Daniel is filled with heartfelt emotional need and sexual tension. Their relationship takes on some extreme challenges as they continue to navigate their way through Lycan law.

The primary paranormal focus is on Lycans, which are not to be confused with werewolves because those are in this story as well, but are actually the mortal enemy of the Lycans. This Lycan world is aggressive and intense and Ms. Mitchell clearly put a lot of thought into how she wanted it to be portrayed. Brilliantly well done!

The secondary characters provide extra entertainment with their colorful personalities and the surprise twists in the plotline leaves me craving more. There is quite a mixture of emotion, mystery, action, and drama in this unpredictable tale that is completely seducing. A must read for any lover of paranormal romance!

Book Blurb for Dark of kNight

390 Pages

Julie Knight never really knew how much her life would change after the death of her father.

Danger awaits…

She returns home to find the town of Spring Place, GA is in a uproar over the horrific animal attacks.

Daniel Maxwell, the handsome, dark and mysterious scientist and longtime family friend returns home for the funeral. He’s not the same person Julie once knew. He’s changed, but the love he has always had for Julie remains the same. She is what he has always wanted and needed. He would die and even kill for her.
as a secret is revealed…

The romance begins between the two and passions flare which opens a door for secret to be revealed. It is here that Julie finds her new life in the arms of Daniel.

and a new destiny awaits.

The last of a thousand year old bloodline of Lycans (wolf shape-shifters) guard the mysterious wall at Ft Mountain against an evil and hideous group of werewolves. After an unsuspecting kidnapping of Daniel’s sister, Julie finds herself immersed in a battle against these deadly creatures. A battle which might cost her the one she has grown to love.


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 5.00