Countdown for a Queen

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Countdown for a Queen

Talk about falling down the rabbit hole like Alice...

Irena is, unbeknownst to her, part fey and heir to the throne of Lirean. Imagine her good luck when a so called Knight from another realm rescues her from the current reality of her boring life and takes her to a place where every desire or hidden fantasy one could have is fulfilled. Irena drifts in and out of conscientiousness literally, in a daze of parties and fey nectar which seems to have a very strong effect on her. Instead of questioning her surroundings and the people guiding her, she embraces it and seems to take comfort in the fact that all of it couldn't possibly be real, so what's the harm?

From the beginning to almost the very end, the story takes place in a seemingly drunken, sexual haze. Irena uncovers one disturbing find after the other and perhaps the most disturbing is the fact that it's all real and there's no escaping it. I was a little annoyed by Irena's behavior in that she doesn't become curious and seek answers until she is in the middle of a very desperate situation. The Knight is not much better himself and the rest of the cast of seemingly trustworthy characters all have a hidden agenda pertaining to her. Lots of fey court intrigue and fey politics to which Irena doesn't understand and no one seems very willing to explain until things have gotten very much out of control.

With all of the manipulating power-plays surrounding Irena, she isn't as fuming as she should be to take back control of her life, so that left something to be desired of our heroine. The characters and the world built around them was enough to hold my attention even though much of it was spent in frustration. I appreciated the authors' efforts in not making this a predictable read with all of the surprising twists and turns in the plot.

Recommended reading for fans of the dark side of the fey.

Book Blurb for Countdown for a Queen

Beware! In fairyland your wishes might come true, but not always the way you imagined!

Irena is part fey, but she doesn't know it. When a fey knight arrives out of the blue to court her, she's mightily irritated.

Of course there is also a second, even more fascinating fey, who wants to see her as his queen and himself as the king. Tempted by gold and kisses, Irena has a hard time deciding whom she chooses--if she chooses at all.

As she is about to learn, being a fey queen provides some pitfalls. Among them are murder and mayhem. Soon she's stuck with a big obstacle--how can she convince her fey knights that she prefers sipping cola and watching Baywatch over being a fairy queen any day? 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.50