Hot Shots Trilogy, #1

“He thought she was just board, so he suggested she get a hobby instead of fixating on getting pregnant. She suggested he find a new place to live.”

Their marriage fell apart because of her insecurities and his unwillingness to give her the one thing she wanted. Taylor thought after nearly a decade of marriage, it was time to have a baby, but Chase’s priority was hockey career first and family second. When it became clear that he wasn’t going to budge, Taylor took charge of the situation and separated from him. It’s now been eleven months of separation and each are questioning whether the marriage is beyond saving.

The opening scenes reveal the depth of emotion Taylor and Chase have for one another as things escalate very quickly from ballroom to bedroom. It’s clear they have a history, but in relating to that deep connection the reader must be prepared for their rollercoaster emotions of need, anger, love, sadness, as well as insecurity. I enjoyed their tug-of-war, but felt at times that Taylor took too little of the blame when it came to their crumbling marriage. Chase tries hard to right the wrongs and perhaps went about it the wrong way, but had faith in them as a couple regardless. Their marriage woes notwithstanding, the story reads quickly and the characters are believable.

Unfortunately, the story is a bit selective with abrupt scene endings, which hindered the overall flow and had me craving a more fleshed out ending. However, the first in the Hot Shots Trilogy is off to a great start with a hockey theme that doesn’t overshadow the developments of the relationship at the core of the story. The heat level is erotic with a sensuality that had me rooting for Chase and Taylor from the beginning. I will definitely be picking up more from this author!

Book Blurb for Breakaway

Team enforcer, Chase Hudson, is used to being penalized. But when his wife throws him out of their bed, he's ready to do whatever it takes to get back in the game.

Taylor Hudson still loves her husband but she's tired of competing with the puck bunnies who are constantly vying for his attention. She spent the last year of their marriage trying to convince him the timing was perfect for a baby, but hockey's bad boy isn't sure he's ready to be a daddy. Tired of wasting her time with a man who isn't ready to grow up, she tells him it's over.

Chase spends eleven long months trying to win Taylor back, but when he finally gets her back in his bed, he learns it may be too late for them to start over.

Will this tough guy be able to convince his wife that some things are worth fighting for?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00