Blood of the Demon

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Blood of the Demon

Demons on Infernum, #1

With the fate of the world in the hands of an art gallery owner, it will take a group of dangerously, sexy demon Detainers to protect her and stop the zombie apocalypse. However, the enemy is hell-bent on world domination and will do whatever it takes to be king.

Keegan has one shot to detain the heir and find the Book before an uprising of otherworldly proportions takes over Earth. The mission is dangerous, but with his bounty hunter, half-brothers by his side, the risk will be well worth the reward of vengeance on their father. Unfortunately, Keegan could not have foreseen the hazard the heir would be to his body and soul.

Brynn's modest lifestyle as an artist and gallery owner changes dramatically overnight, but instead of being swept off her feet by the gorgeously mysterious man who enters her gallery, she is instead knocked unconscious. Upon awakening, Brynn is met with the knowledge of her demon ancestry and worldwide destruction potential. And if that wasn't enough, the kidnappers she thought were superheroes from a covert branch of the government are actually beings from myth and legend... and they've been sent to kill her.

The world that Ms. Lario created has a simple complexity that is easy to visualize and follow as these demon brothers band together for the good of the world and the ones they love. While reading the story I was very appreciative of the various surprise plot points that kept my attention and never let the story become too predictable. Who would've thought that upon our hero and heroine first meeting he would haul off and punch her in the face. Quite a memorable first impression for the heroine indeed, which is what Ms. Lario has created with this action-packed, daringly sexy story.

The heroine, Brynn, reads memories embedded in inanimate objects, which is what initially drew her toward art and her eventual career. Her other supernatural ability of life-force draining, came at a time when she needed most and is a haunting survivor's tale. Both abilities seemingly came out of nowhere and have helped shape her slightly introverted personality. The reader's first impression of Brynn is as her self-described "loner", but over the course of the story Brynn's inner-fierceness is awakened, redefined, and projected in her actions to take control of her destiny. Monumental confidence changes take place on both a personality and sexual level, which serve to connect the reader and Brynn as she embarks on this journey.

The hero of the story, Keegan, is your typical tall, dark, and handsome, but he places blame on himself much too easily. He never lets his brothers shoulder the burden of responsibility, especially when the stakes are so high. It's quite easy to see how his horrific childhood experiences has and continues to have an overwhelming impact on the man he is now. His brothers although grateful for Keegan's sacrifice are determined to see Keegan happy... even if that means committing the ultimate sacrifice themselves.

Half-demon brothers with a sensitive side and bad-ass supernatural abilities? Ms. Lario makes it possible with a writing talent that instantly has the reader falling for these characters with their witty banter and personalities. Each brother is distinguished by the mysterious "other half" of their maternal heritage, which is revealed in the story. Part of their mission in coming to Earth was to seek knowledge in the whereabouts of the Book and heir, but perhaps some long overdue paternal justice may be served as well. You'll have to read the story to find out about these brothers' incredible back-story.

I really enjoyed the magnetic push and pull of Keegan and Brynn. The characters would wind-up in a forbidden sexual (almost) situation and then out of nowhere circumstances would pull them apart, but each encounter ripens with increased sexual energy and tension. This all leads to unforgettable scenes between Keegan and Brynn that are aggressively sexy yet sensationally tender. Talk about being swept away (quite literally for the heroine) by the romance!

Needless to say, I will be continuing with book two of the Demons of Infernum series. The battle is just getting started and I can't wait to see where Taeg takes the storyline next. Reader's looking for a lot of paranormal and a lot of romance, will definitely want to check out this fantastic author!

Book Blurb for Blood of the Demon

Keegan lives to exact revenge on the evil demon who sired and abused him. When his father devises a plan to bring on the apocalypse, he and his three half-brothers, interdimensional bounty hunters for the Elden Council, are charged with capturing and delivering their father for punishment.

Art gallery owner Brynn Meyers has no idea that her ability to read memories embedded in objects and drain people of their life force means she has demon ancestry. Unfortunately for Brynn, she’s also the key to raising an ancient zombie army, which puts her on every demon’s Most Wanted List.

And no one wants her more than Keegan’s father.

Keegan must protect Brynn from his father by any means necessary, but he’ll have to learn to harness the other half of his genetics—the far deadlier, uncontrollable half—when he starts to fall for the one woman standing between him and the vengeance he so desperately seeks. The one woman he’ll never be able to resist.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.75